DQ #4 - Whose ruler?

Well, I hope everyone had a great holiday - from the posts it looks like quite a few were out working.

I'm back in town, and I'm starting again with my dumb question series - here's the next one -

When plowing by the inch, whose ruler do you use? Do you measure each site in 5 places and take an average (yikes!), do you get the info from a weather service, do you get the # from the local airport, or do you find the deepest part of each project and use that measurement :) ?

Thanks and Happy New Year!!
Nice to see you back. By the way your landscape posts are very informative. I suppose you mean that you would charge by the inch over a specific amount or however alot of the contract accounts do it. Snowfall can vary almost from block to block. I agree with Sammy's method. Most of your customers will trust your judgements and assessments as you are the professional. As with landscaping the ones that will give you the crap are the ones your gonna wish you didn't have anyway. The only measure we get concerned with is the trigger point to go plow and most of my accounts trigger at 2". Its pretty easy to keep track of that amount. No dumb questions here. But the answers can be verrrry interesting!

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