DQ #3a different types of contracts

I'm noticing in the replies to some of my questions (thanks a ton, BTW), that you have different contracts - It sounds like you have seasonal or multi-year contracts for commercial lots, and then maybe one year/seasonal contracts for residentials, and then others who call whenever they think they need it.

Do you have a vastly different contract for each? Do you even have contracts for the 'as needed' people?

Oh - one other question about residentials - does the same rule apply regarding teachers, doctors and lawers? You know what I mean.

John Allin

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Doctors, lawyers, janitors....
They all believe that they have THE most important jobs that means that they HAVE to get out of their driveways. Try telling any person that they are not important, and see how they react.
We treat them all the same.

Samurai WeedWacker

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When you've got a lot of places you should definitely do them in the most geographically efficient order. You don't need extra travel time.

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