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I live in a rental house located on a on eh a hill (md) the driveway is very steep and curves abruptly just on top of steep part it follows the hill sideways, well we had a little accumulation I park at the top and had about 3000 on f250--had trouble getting up day before!! going down I know snow should be piled on downward side however I had this feeling that if I plowed straight the snow would create some brake and keep me from sliding anybody do this keep plow straight to get traction?

sam c

southeastern NH.
NO WAY don`t do it! The snow will build up to a point (especially if it is wet) then the plow will ride up and over the pile leaving you hung up. My suggestion is to angle it to the down hill side and use 4x4low and take it slow. Do the corner in small bites don`t round it in one shot and put your rear wheels on or over the windrow. Unless there is ice underneath the gearing should hold you back. Also you should sand/salt just as or before it starts snowing that way when your tires get down to the pavement they`ll have traction. Thats the best advice i can give without seeing the drive. Good luck and be carefull no one will be impressed when the truck is laying on its roof at the bottom of the hill.


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no doubt if I slip Ill be in neighbors family room we only had like 3 inches some caught by branches...I went down that hill sloooww


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Iwould agree with using a deicing agent prior to the snow.You may think it will just get covered up but it will keep the snow from bonding to th asphalt.At least put a little near the curve and the bottom.After you plow you will see a big difference between what was salted and the areas that werent.Rubber side down is great

Mike Nelson

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Naperville IL

If that was me,I would hire somebody else to plow and make sure he had good insurance!
Or you could find another house with a flatter drive.
Just kidding,I think by pretreating the drive should help solve the problem.
On my little driveway(10x25),I Magicsalt the snot out of it cause by the time I get home I don't feel like plowing.
Works for me!


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A drive way like that would never work where I come from. We get way too much snow and sometimes feet at a time. I hate plowing downhill because it is asking to get stuck. If the pile builds up too high in front you can't go forward and if the ground is slippery, you can go back. My advice beyond what was already given is to definately plow the snow to one side so you don't get too much build up in front. Make certain to plow straight lines, this will allow you to back up without any snowbank obstructing the fron tire. If your still pointing downhill when you are stacking snow DO NOT spin your tires AT ALL, because when you go to back up you will find yourself parked in nice little slippery holes. Stack gingerly. Keep some sand handy. Be prepared to salt and sand as spring approaches or that hill will be one icy SOB and even 4x4's will have trouble getting out (to say the least.)