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Well I got a dakota with a western on it.Was thinking of buying a snoway and putting it on another dakota.Is down pressure an option?And should I go with it?How much is it gonna add to the price?

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I have a 90 Dakota 4x4 318 with a 7'6" 25 series Snoway with the down pressure system(dps), i got the plow with the truck when i bought it used , Down pressure is a option I would spend the extra money to get it. You need it if you get the lexan moldboard it helps alot with backdragging. As for the truck i have modified mine slightly, Trac Loc lockers and 3.55 gears front and rear, that helped alot in the tracton department, pray for snow!!!

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Downpressure is definately worth the cost. Not sure how much it even adds as I've nver tried to get one without it. We're running 3 Sno-Ways if that adds any credence to my opinions. Only problems we've had has been with some poor welding, it pays to looke them over VERY closely about twice a season. We've had storms where it was sort of a mix of rain/snow/sleet, maybe 1 1/2" thick, we were able to cut to pavement, guy plowing the next lot over with a Fisher was only able to cut the top a little.

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