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I am not to sure what to do about my doors. The drivrer side door seems to have lost part of its structure, like if you grab the mirror and move it up and down the pannel moves away from the window, almost spongy... The other door had a dent in it. In the spring i plan on getting a new paint job and i am wondering what i should do abou the doors, should i go to a wrekers and try to find replacement ones there. should i splurge and order direct from GM, or should i try and get the Auto body guys to fix them up? Thanks a million for your help.


go to junkyard and get some in better shape, you can also get some aftermarket from gm would be the most expensive


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I just hung a set of GM doors on a 1980 Chevy pickup. They were in excess of $500 each. They fit pretty good even being 22 years old but we still had to do some minor tweaking and some filler work to some dings.
I'm sure the aftermarket doors will fit just as well for a lot less money.
Good luck
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To the best of my knowledge, OEM GM body parts for '73-'87 are no longer available at dealers. You may find a dealer with NOS, but as rust prone as these years are, thats not likely. If your able to get them, doors are NOT cheap.


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Unless you're going for ann all-out show truck, I would suggest going with a new set of aftermarket doors. Readily available since they fit such a wide ranger of model years on those GM trucks, and not too bad for cost. (I think around $200 + Cdn each)

That's for a complete door shell (inner and outer) you just have to swap all the "guts" over. That job can be a little tedious but not impossible, I have done it more than once and a little bit of coarse language got used but the job got completed.

Wrecking yard doors are available but since these trucks ain't gettin' any newer, decent doors are hard to find. And I think TLS may be right, GM may not carry the OEM parts through dealers since those trucks are well over 10 years old now.


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You're wasting your time and money if you try to repair your doors, new aftermarket doors are $150 or less. I paid $125 for a door for my '81 Ford.

If you can find a super clean used door, that will save you the aggravation of changing the innards, figure 1/2 day labor if you haven't done it before.

When I was young & stupid, I repaired the door on my '75 Chevy, with a new lower inside wall and outer skin. It lasted about 3 years and ended up costing me more than a new door.

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