Done Snowing??

That's it - I'm packing away the plows, putting away the shovels and snow blowers and getting the lawn equipment out. I'm convinced that after 2 measley snowfalls (2" each and quickly melting), there's no more snow to be had this summer - errrr I mean ..... winter. It is winter isn't it? It's 50 degrees today - with mid forties forecasted for the next week. This is pitiful. I hope this post completely jinxes me and it snows like hell in Feb.

My only solace is that all those part-timers that flood the market with low-ball prices are probably getting killed right now. Too many people ran out last year and bought plows in January after we had 12 events in December. Thinking it was easy money, I'm sure they're scrambling to make payments on that equipment now. Oh well - us oldtimers know that sometimes it's feast or famon and when it's feast time....... you better put away a little for the lean times too.

Praying for snow:)

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yeh, it would be easier to post if you had a location. as far as putting the plows away, here in the northeast they have been saying to hold on a little longer. the next week should be mild, but after that the pattern will change again, with a good chance of some snowstorms.

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Ditto mdb. Some long range forecasts I read said that after this couple of week warm spell, the latter part of February should get real cold. Then all we have to do is hope for some moisture to come in, unlike when it was cold in December.


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Done Snowing I dont think so I have been out 8 times so far this year 6 in the last month the storms are only leaving 3-4 inches but everyone wants there driveway plowed. Feb and Mar are the months I look forward to seems we always get a nor'easter or 2 then.

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Weather-wise, the winter season is less than half over. Dont throw in the towel yet-esp since I washed the truck today lol.

Heh. Yet another argument for seasonal contracts. You wont sign people up for em, guys, if you dont believe in them yourself.

maybe I should start a thread, "The zen of seasonal pricing" lol.


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I have been hearing about a pattern change ever since the 70 degree days of mid December. It hasnt happened yet, and i doubt it will. As long as the western US keeps getting storms, and a split jet stream, the rest of the US will have a light winter

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JasonPallas is in detroit michigan

I am probably the problem maker :eek:

I have 1/2 a yard of salt in my s~10
and it is dirty as hell
and my rotating light is still on the roof.

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Whoops - sorry my location used to be in my profile last year (I'm in Detroit/east suburbs). I think it got dropped when lawnsite and plowsite became separate sites.
Hey - don't get me wrong, I'm not throwing in the towel. I'm just hoping to revervse the trend by posting the message. As a matter of fact I even washed the trucks today - heck it was 50 degrees - what else were we gonna do!!
RE: Seasonal Contracts, most everybody around here wants to go "per push". Winters can be so flukey here - a couple of light snow winters really soured most people on seasonal rates. Of course a couple of winters like the past few - where we've averaged 12-15 pushes - would nomally help people warm back up to the seasonal contract idea. However, a winter like this (if it continues) will have everyone wanting "per push" contracts. Usually contracts run about $550 for 100 ft driveway. If we only get 2-3 snows of 2", the customers really complain about paying $250/time to get the snow cleared. They never remember the years that you got them out by 8 am when it snowed all night and the city was covered in 10" or the years that you were there 18 times in one winter. We've got approx 80 customers and - you guessed it, they all want a per time contract. Pray for Snow!!!
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I remember in my first day or two of looking around here finding a thread that had a link to some weather site that said we'd have a snowier than usual winter. It was a very detailed and scholarly analysis, and worth it's weight in fertilizer. (I don't do lawn care though...)

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