Does anyone else check the weather every 15 minutes

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by NicholasMWhite, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. NicholasMWhite

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    I was just wondering if I'm the only one who checks the weather every 15 minutes leading up to a storm. I usually look at to see what snow fall totals to expect.

    I stress myself out way too much!
  2. JB1

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    nope, usually every five minutes.
  3. Alpha Property

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    I'm guilty aswell
  4. OP

    NicholasMWhite Senior Member
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    Yeah, that's actually me too, I'm just in denial.
  5. South Seneca

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    Are you kidding? 15 minutes! Right now the weather channel has been on since I woke up. I had the National Weather Service on the scanner and have checked all my favorite sources on the computer several times. I could never go 15 minutes without an update!

    My wife says I'm obsessed. I Love storms!
  6. OP

    NicholasMWhite Senior Member
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    So what's everyone's favorite website?

    Like I said I use for predicted totals and then I use for radar maps. I have looked at but they just take what noaa says and raise the totals an inch or two, so I don't look at them anymore.

    I check all the local news websites for video, but I take their predictions with a grain of salt because I know they are just trying to make it seem as bad as possible so people watch more often.
  7. DJ Contracting

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    Nope just 68 times in 17 hours....wait that is every fifteen minutes I NEED HELP.
  8. Rc2505

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    I have just given up looking at the forecast. Everytime I look the snow totals just keep falling. Yesterday morning the total was 19.3 inches, I kept watching yesterday and it droped as low as 12.4. Now today it's at 7 inches. I guess they just like to hit the panic button so everyone freaks out, then they let you off the hook with just a decent snowfall. I went as far as lining up extra help yesterday, now this morning I had to call and cancel on the extra help. I hate weather forecasters!!!
  9. PerfectEarth

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    I'm guilty. I check the weather non-stop. We have one GREAT weather blog here in Louisville (the WAVE3 weather blog) and one that covers the whole state of KY( are very in-depth and accurate. Always updated, and I check them always.

    Always looking at Henry Margusity's videos and discussions on AccuWeather. I NEVER look at the, they are horribly vague and inaccurate. <--- good ggem, nam, gfs, etc. model page <---- good snowfall model page

    I am always obsessing about the next storm. Spend too much time online this winter.....
  10. mule585

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    I have 4 diff. Weather apps on my phone so I'm never left in the dark when the snows coming. Noaa is by far the best in "guessing" when n where n how much is coming n top notch radar.
  11. bristolturf

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    ya I check it constantly. And I agree, the NWS (NOAA) is probably the best. At least my weather brach (milwaukee-sulivan) gives really nice graficnow casts showing exactly whats going on when theres snow or rain. And there totals are usually pretty accurate.

    But I agree, i hate the constant chaging of the totals. The other day, they said by wednesday we will see like 12-20 inches, then yesterday it was like 29-30, now this morning its 21 inches. I understand its difficult to predict the exact path that storm is going to take, but its just nervracking as im sure it is for them too.
  12. lawnboy11

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    Yup, my wife and I think I'm nuts! We're right.
  13. LawnGuy110

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    This...I tend to get extremely excited...even when it isnt that much snow
  14. JTVLandscaping

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    I figured out by now when all my sources update, and its not every 15 minutes. I check our big 3 local news channels, and NOAA/NWS. Weather Channel is too vague and Accuweather calls for twice as much snow than anyone else. I like NWS for their Area Discussions, I have to weed through alot of abbreviations and terms but it give a real good story of what's going on now and what will happen from now until next week. I do get all worked up though, and I wish I could relax since I won't until sometime Thursday as it looks now.
  15. Neige

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    When its not snowing I check 4 times a day. I have 3 places that I check when its updated. I know the times. When its actually going to snow I check the radar every 30 minutes when I can. I have given up on them guessing snow fall totals. I prepare for the worst and see what happens. I am more interested in when it will start or finish. Nothing drives me more loco then when they say it will stop at 10am and its still snowing at 3 pm. The best in when they are giving a snow total of 4 inches and there already is 9 down.
    They are calling for 8 inches over the next 2 days, I am mentally prepared for 24. Maybe I am just mental:D
  16. PlatinumService

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    yeah 15 mins seems about right.the wife thinks i have a problem and she might be right because the forcast doesnt seem change every 15 mins. Environment Canada only updates 3 times a day LOL
  17. OP

    NicholasMWhite Senior Member
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    Lol, well Noaa doesn't seem to have any logic to their updating.

    If anyone has any insight on how or when they update, please share.
  18. Jacobsmovinsnow

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    tymusicI could care less about their snow fall totals. When the system is approaching on radar, I will update it every 10 or 15 minutes. After that its on with the machines and crew. If I cant see the communication tower lights on the "Pinnacle" (high rock above our town) then I know the system isnt letting up. When I see the lights , I will check the radar to see how much longer we got to fight the storm.
  19. JpLawn

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    I'm guilty. I sleep with the weather channel on and the radar loaded on my black berry. I'm constantly watching it and stressing my self out. Even though we have had a ton of snow I still worry about every storm.
  20. Bibbo

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    guilty.... 4 different sources every 15-20 min my girlfriend thinks im crazy... o well shes still sticking around :p