Does anyone do any work for Benderson?


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Just wondering if any of you New York (Buffalo) guys do any work for Benderson Dev. Co.?


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i have never worked for him. i know some people that do. they are all business. they will make you wait for your money. it's like working for mr potter from it's a wonderfull life. if you work for him have a good cash supply on hand. thats what i have been told.

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We have a clause in our contracts that states "past due accounts will not be plowed until account is brought up to date". We type it into any contracts that others make us sign.

And we enforce it.

Few years ago we shut off a hospital. Got our money.

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I have that in my contracts that I have made for my customers. Well unfortunately that isn't much of a threat here in this non snow belt region of the world. But its there in case it happens. Thanks for the idea John. I will be adding this to any future contracts where I am the subcontractor, and where the general contractors have their own agreements for me to sign. This is based on current experiences like AD mentions. Not that it matters for this year, but it could come in handy in future winters that might be at least average years.

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Western New York

RB where arround Buffalo are you from?

Personally I have never worked for Benderson nor would I want to. I've heard horror stories about wating for the check to arrive, legal wording of the contracts that will put all the blame for everything and anything that could possibly happen on the contractor. While not being specific on thier requirements.

I know the way thay treat thier tennenats and would never ever suggest someone to rent from them. Thay like to rent cheep/fair at first till thay get established. Next lease thay jack up the rent extremely high hoping the tennant will stay. Could go on more but thats a diffrent story.

Take a drive down Transit, thay practily own the road, notice how many store fronts are up for rent and how many business open up then close a few years later when thay jack up the rent.

Thay have high political power owning so much high visibility, prime location space. and thay have some great lawyers working for them. If you decide to work for them get a really good lawyer to read the contract over then over again.


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Got Grass,

I'm not from Buffalo, I'm from Pittsburgh. Benderson Dev. Co. has one mall here in Pittsburgh where I mow and lawn area and sweep the parking lot.

I addressed this msg. to the Buffalo guys because I know that is where Benderson is from and I figured a lot of guys would do some work for them (I know they are a pretty big Dev. Co.)

I have to say waiting for the money was sometimes a problem, but once they get you on an auto pay system your money comes in w/o any invoice. I do not plow for them yet. I've been treated very well from them and this is the 4th year w/them.


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