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Dodge wont start

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by killed300ex, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. killed300ex

    killed300ex Senior Member
    Messages: 293

    drove the 95 ram 2500 home tonight so it was here to plow with. Let it sit for 2 hours went to start it and when i turn the key the only thing that happens is that the starter makes a click. Tried rolling the engine over to turn the starter maybe it was in a flat spot no luck hooked up jumper cables still nothing. So as it sits right now nothing happens other than electronics come on and stuff. KNow the battery is good because i can still opperate the plow with the ignition on. Think i have a bad starter? Thats kind of what i have left it for.
  2. yzf1000_rider

    yzf1000_rider Senior Member
    Messages: 147

    i have had starters act like that before and i took a hammer and had someone try starting it while i laid on the ground and rapped the starter a few times with the hammer. that was just to get me out of a pinch you will probably need to replace the starter as soon as possible
  3. allabout

    allabout Member
    Messages: 50

    check to make sure the lead wire that goes to stater & the batt. are tight,check ground wire too
  4. killed300ex

    killed300ex Senior Member
    Messages: 293

    ended up being the starter got one first thing this morning and then put it in started right up then went an plowed. What a pain to have to work in -12 degree temps with windshill under a truck