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I recently bought a 2001 Dodge 3500 with a Cummings Diesel. I would like to put a V plow on this truck, but was told that I would over load the front of the truck. Is there anyone out there that could give me some info on this. I talked to 3 different dealers in my area and got a different answer from all 3. My local Fisher Dealer said I could not use their plow. Boss and Western Dealers said I should have no problem putting their plows on my truck. That they have never heard of any problems. Thanks for your help.

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You shouldnt have a problem with a V-plow,the Dana 60 front axle has a 5200 lb rating,its by far the strongest front end in a pickup.If you have a quad cab,it might be close,but I know that Dodge ofers a factory plow prep pkg,even on the quad cab diesels,so it should be fine.

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I just put a Dodge 2500 V10 into service with a Fisher V, and it carries the blade better than my 98 GM 2500 even with the torsion bars turned up. The Dodge manual says max weight of total snowplow, 633 lbs for both the 2500 and 3500.
This would mean you would be limited to a 7 1/2 foot. I think they are being over cautious. The GVWR is 8800 lbs.
The Dodge doesn't bottom out on the road and has a minium of squat compared to the GM. Remember to that with minute mount Fisher the head gear stays with the plow, and since it is easy to mount and unmount your're not carrying a couple of hundred lbs of extra weight all winter.


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I have an '01 xcab diesel 2500 with the plow pkg. Like JohnD. stated the front axle is rated for 5200lbs. This comes with the plow prep, as well as heavier springs/Tcase, and trans overheat light. The recommended plow weight is same as nsmilligan posted, also they state no more than 2 people in the xcab while plowing. I think they are concerned with exceeding the 5200lbs rating.

If you have the plow prep, the extra couple hundred pounds shouldn't be a prob...IMO. You could weigh the front wheels on a scale to be positive your not exceeding the 5200lbs.


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