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I broke down and bought a truck with a plow this weekend.
I'm a Ford fanatic at heart but couldn't pass on the deal I found.

I bought a '75 Dodge 1/2 ton shortbox. It has a 440 and NP435 four speed(one with granny low). Previous owner swapped in 3/4 ton axles and springs. 8-lug Dana 60 in the rear and a 8-lug dana 44 up front. It has the NP 203 transfer case which is full time. Wish I had a NP205 for it.

It has a 7'6" Western Pro Plow with unimount. The plow is in excellent shape. Plow is 3 years old, but truck wasn't licensed or used last year, so plow only has 2 seasons of light use.

Found a bunch of receipts in the glovebox for new balljoints, ujoints, etc.. Tires are 33" BFG all terains with about 80% tread. Engine is fresh. Plus got a grille guard and canopy thrown in.
I paid $3500 for the truck, only downside is the truck is a bit rusty. But I can live with that for the price. I figure it should work pretty well with such a short wheelbase. Let it SNOW!! :)
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