Dodge Ram 2500

plow4u Veteran
Can anyone tell me weather my Meyer plow harness from my 1996 2500 will work on a 2000, 2500 some say it will some say it won't. I know the lights will not work but they say the 2000 has more of a spring shock mount welded to the frame. A guy told me that it will if you shim it out to accomadate the larger spring mount on the 2000. I am trying to get out of buying a new harness if possible. This may make the differance on weather I buy this new truck this week. I can't afford the truck being down without a plow.

GeoffD Veteran
The plow harness you need for electic lights and controlls are cheap. Go to, they also have frame kits and anything else you will need to make the change over.<p>Geoff


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Go to your local meyer dealer. He will be able to tell exactly what will fit and what wont.<br>He may also be interested in the old sub frame.<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment

John DiMartino Veteran
I have a 96 and my fisher mounts about 8&quot; from the towers so if yours is similar you should be fine.If not you must know someone with a torch of buy a mount.If you are handy at all with a test light and have a spool of wire you could always get your lights working temporarily even if you go from battery,through a 30amp C/B and right to lights until new harness came,that should be only a few days.Just unplug the harness it when you shut the truck off.a harness is cheap,and CPW had my order 2me in 2 days reg UPS,they ship promptly and probably have your harness in stock.If your plow is getting rough,it might pay to let it go with truck or sell it seperate,and just buy a new one.CPW has great prices,it might not be worth your time to make it work.<p>----------<br>John D<br>

GeoffD Veteran
On second thought. As nice as it would be to get a new truck right now, maybe it's best ya wait. Finish out the season this year with your current dodge, this isn't much more of a season left. Then maybe trade the truck in say about april or may plow and all. Then save up some extra cash over the summer and buy yourself a brand new plow ( maybe even check out a diamond, sold through a lot of meyer dealers) i always think your better off to trade the truck in with the blade and give yourself a brand new one. That way you keep break downs to a minimium, also there are no doubts that it not installed correct, or you don't have to worry about uninstalling it correctly.<p>I leased a truck in 97 and the way ford's lease program works is at the end of the lease you own the plow. So i wasn't about to give ford a brand new plow. Well it's a good thing i know a Ford mechanic that works on all my trucks on the side. I had him uninstall the lights and the frame kit. It was a good thing i had him do it. When i turned the truck in they couldn't believe it had been plowed with, he had the wiring looking like factory and the front bumper looked factory too. To do a plow removal that looks good when you trade in or turn in takes some skill, thats why your good to trade the truck and plow in. Also your new truck or one just like it will still be there in april or may. Or maybe order a truck for may and get every option you want, and maybe at a lower price then you are paying now.<p>Like is said before ya buy your next plow check out a Diamond.<p>Geoff