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Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by BigJoeC, Dec 23, 2010.

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    Traded my 04 back in June for a 2010 ram 2500, had 44k miles on it, put a brand new fisher xv2 on it, then got totaled the first week of December before our first snow storm of the season, had 53k miles on it when it got hit, now have a 2012 ram 2500 with 126k miles and put the new plow on that.
    dgdsfg.jpg tgh.jpg ng.jpg gd.jpg
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    2016 ram 3500 w/6.4
    stock on 285/75r18 (35s), protech headache rack and a fisher HD2 8', and there will never be another 8' mounted on any of our work trucks again....... its a work truck that gets about 30k a year on it...i just took the pic as its snowing and im about to head back out IMG_1615.JPG
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    Here's my current work/plow rig. '84 W150 with the /6 & NP435 4 speed. Plows like a tank with that granny low gear. 1984.jpg

    But, in a big storm it also wrecks my clutch knee so I upgraded this summer. I'll have to post another picture once I actually buy the plow and install it, but this is my future plow rig:

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    04 ram 1500 with 5.7l
    Dual battery, timbrens, added 2nd trans cooler
    Cooper m+s
    Snoway plow with DP, pro2 controller
    1st gen polycaster


    06 ram 1500 with 5.7l
    added 2nd trans cooler
    Cooper m+s
    Snoway plow with DP, wireless controller
    1st gen polycaster

    Looking at possibly 02 cummins 3500 24v, with 9ft arctic plow for this season...





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    3rd dodge. 03 ram2500 5.9 cummins with blizzard plow added to fleet

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    I've had a few Dodges-- First a '94 Cummins reg cab, then an '03 Cummins quad cab Laramie. I just picked up a 2015 Tradesman. (also Cummins) I swapped my Hummer rims and larger tires onto it and put a plow mount on it this afternoon. (wiring tomorrow) 20181022_173729.jpg

    Old truck.JPG next batch 093.jpg
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    2016 Ram Sport
    Plow pics to come