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Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by BigJoeC, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. BigJoeC

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    Hey you Dodge Guys and Gals lets see your rig! Dosent matter what it is- bulit pics, truck pics, even videos! So lets see um!
  2. markknapp61

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    Dodge fan....


    Got two of these... One is the wifes and the other is mine... Not hard to guess which is
  3. UglyTruck

    UglyTruck Senior Member
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    Here's mine



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  4. m3klee

    m3klee Member
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    heres mine.

  5. chris.outdoor

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    from NH
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    my old silver dodge and my current white snow warrior


  6. bltp203

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    My pride and joy.

  7. NHCraigT

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    from NH
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    1985 Dodge Power Ram W250. All registered & inspected.
    Engine & Transmission (replaced) - each have 10K miles on them. Frame stripped and POR-15 coated
    8' Fisher Speed cast plow (solid & no holes). Buyers tailgate spreader.

    Using this to do my driveway.
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  8. DeereFarmer

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    Very nice setup NHCraigT. I had an old '88 W150 that I wish was in 1/4 as good shape as yours.
  9. markknapp61

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    Dodge owners still run Dodge tough... :)

    Keep em coming guys... we all love our Dodge trucks...
  10. rb69

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    from Midwest
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    Here is my old truck. 1994 w/ the Cummins

    94 Dodge w plate painted out.jpg
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  11. NHCraigT

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    from NH
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    Thanks - its a good solid, heavy duty "Old School" plow truck....that is actually an antique as of this year (25 years old).
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  12. 04f250fisher

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    He is mine. Just put a backrack on it tonight.

  13. plowguy43

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    Nice lookin trucks. I wish I could post a pic but I'm on my phone.
  14. markknapp61

    markknapp61 Member
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    I like the back rack...

    Had the light bar on the roof, looked mean but wanted the rack so I moved everything on the rack looking good now... :)
  15. jdxnc

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    Another 94 Cummins here.

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    Here is a couple....


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  17. Big Boss Man

    Big Boss Man Junior Member
    from midwest
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    My 1984
  18. OP

    BigJoeC Member
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    very nice kepp um commin
  19. LawnmastersMike

    LawnmastersMike Member
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    My '01 with 9'2'' Boss Power V.

  20. Dirty Jersey

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