Do You Guys Have Regular Jobs Too?


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When I had a plow service last year, my plow guy told me that is all he does in the winter. That way he can give above average service. I thought there would be no way I could plow and hold a reagular 7-5 job.

But when I left at 6:15 in the morning, the drive was covered in snow, and when I pulled in at 5:30, the drive was still covered. Thats when I figured if I only had a handfull of customers I could clear them before and after work and still give better service.

Is it possible to keep people happy and still have a normal day job? Is this a rare thing, or are most of you working stiffs that do this on the side? I have one satisfied customer, myself, I am tempted to expand a little each season. Am I nuts?

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Depends on:

a.) The number/size of your customers: If you have 1 hours worth of work, I'm sure you could find clientele that you could satisfy.

b.) Timing of snow: If it started snowing right after you got to work and you didn't plow until AFTER work, many clients would find this unacceptable.

c.) Amount of snow: 1 hours worth of work at 3" might turn into 2 hours or more at 8". You want to provide good service and still not be late for work.

I have seen it done with some success, but more often I've seen guys frustrate themselves.

If you limit your clients and already have a truck and plow, it could work real well.

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If I was in your situation with a regular job, which I am in your situation. I would find someone to sub-contract for. Most larger companies have more than enough work and there is always someone who does not show up or there equipment breaks. You can always put in hours and help out.

Tell the company upfront your working hours and be honest with them. I am sure they will keep your number. You can even goto a few companies and give them your number. Just tell the companies you are subbing for, you are on a first call basis. Most will understand and work with you.


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My current full time job is very flexable. I try and plow as much before and after work, but if this unrealistic, I am able to take off and service my customers. For me, it works out well. If I was not able to leave work when needed, I don't think I would do any plowing. Service of my customers comes first.

No / poor service = No Customers


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95LongHaul, yes several on here have regular jobs in addition to plowing snow. For me, there are two major components: 1) I deliberately keep my commitments to plowing low and 2) I am able to come to and leave work at any time - the stipulation being that I arrange my work and meet the commitments (appointments) that I make. For many people, the second component wouldn't work.

I'm getting ready to retire from this job within the next year or so and am slowly and steadily building my business.


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I had a route with 40 accounts serviced by 3 trucks. My dad was a school teacher, my friend Bill ran a Hydromulch truck for a Landscape contractor and plowed for me with his Jeep and I drove a tractor trailer for a company that grounded the trucks when it snowed. It was the perfect senerio. I tried to keep the route when I came to work for the college and my friend Bill left the area, but I found out real fast that I could not service my accounts properly with two trucks and also run snow removal at the college. I was way overcommited. That was one nasty year trying to do both. Since the college was a full time job, I ended up giving the route to a friend who is a Carpenter/Builder.:(


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Yes, I have a regular job, no I cant take time off. I just get home, look at the forecast and adjust my sleep schedule accordingly. If the snow is falling when I get home, I go out if called. If not then if it is expected around midnight, I go to bed early and wait for a call. If it keeps snowing all night long, I keep going allowing extra drive time to work then pull an allnighter. I cant do this for multiple days, but if no snow is expected the next night then I will occasionally do allnighters. Where I make the best money is snow that starts on a Friday night and ends Monday am.


I work 45 hours a week 3 to 12 ot 1 am then plow snow till 7 am I do all schools so I get friday and saturday off to snowmobile I love nice extra cash:drinkup: :waving:


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Full time job, 40+ hours a week. Have a friend who runs my
truck/plow if I cannot do it...

He makes a little on the side, and gets his long driveway done
for free.

Hopefully if we get a decent winter, I will buy a plow for his
truck and be able to run both.

He works the same place as me, but we keep make sure we
have diffrent shifts so as not to interfere..


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3 Job's

First off I'd like to say hi to everone out there, first time replying, Reply to does anyone else work! I think Iam going to quit my full time job this winter! I was offered some new accounts this year and am thinking of making this a full time job now!. I also have a vending compony that takes up one day a week and pays good! I work at a new car dealership (shift work)3-9,9-3, and ive been holding 7 plow contracts for about 6 yrs now! I love the plowing and have started to do some costome interlock and landscaping. I have a 1996 chev fullsize 1 ton 4x4 350,000 kilometers and going strong.


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If every job involves the worker driving to his location and parking his vehicle somewhere, how can these vehicles reach there if you havent been there first to clean it. and how can you be there first if your working the same hours as them.

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When I use to turn a wrench, I had 35 driveways. Fortunately, the dealership would allow me to come in late or leave early when it snowed because they were slow with the weather, too.

Now that I am a landscaper, all I do in the winter is wait for snow and stay home to play with the wife and kid. I can service my residental and commercial accounts 24/7.


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hey fellas,

Get this, I am a funeral director working in a family business. My hours are all 24-7 because we have to be able to respond to a death. I hope on sub-contracting with some folks this winter. Between vacation days and having my brother (also in the business) cover for when the white stuff comes things should work out well

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