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Lafayette, LA
Anyone converted from sidepost batter connections to round post connections. I currently have both connections on my battery Duralast(Gold). I want to convert my side post connections to the round post. Currently I just use the top round post connectors for accessories but i am getting rid of most of them. Any problems with doing this conversion? I'm guessing that I can just cut the side post connectors off and strip the wire and clamp it onto the round post attachment and hook it up no this so? Anyone done this? Tips?

Bill c Veteran
I do not recommend using those clamp temporary battery ends,because it is another area for corrision.I use the heavy duty marine type with the long stud.Then I solder on a heavy duty lug on the wire and use a little grease on everything.These type of terminals also make running extra hot lines for accesorries like winches and axuillary fuse boxes much easier.

John DiMartino Veteran
I use my stock side posts,but they do require maintance or they will get corrosion inside,then i use the top mounts for my plow + and - connections.This way i know the plow isnt drawing off the main terminals,keeping them cooler and it keeps from having to use cheezy adapters that usually come loose and cause no-starts in the off-season.

Chuck Smith

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All you need to do is buy new side mount battery cables that are the correct length to replace yours. The marine type are a good choice.

Those extra top mounts also make connecting jumper cables easier, if you need to give or get a jump start.


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