Do I need to re-salt?


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Will re-salting help?

Heres the situation:

its lightly raining in the upper 20's and things that were icy this morning are still basically icy. I applied rock salt this morning and the roads and parking lots are wet and slushy. Temps. will be in the low to mid 20's through tomorrow morning. Will re-salting wet pavement prevent refreezing later when the temps fall again? Will the salt from earlier (7:00am) work tonight without re-salting?

Will I have ro re-salt tomorrow morning?

I don't want to do more than is necessary.

Please advise.

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if it' still raining I think I would apply again. There has to be dilution after all day and it will only get colder as the sun drops. None of us want to overapply but it will use less material to apply now than it will to deal with solid ice later.

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