Do I need a V-Plow?


South-West Ohio
Looking at plows for a job I've bid on, a 300 unit condo complex. My local plow dealer recommends a 7 1/2' plow for a 3/4 ton GM 4x4. You guys/gals seem really keen on these V-Plow systems. Is this an option I should be considering or are they more useful in other types of plowing jobs?
I should also point out that I'm in southern Ohio. Our storms are more like scattered flurries compared to some of the threads I read on this site.
Have an established Western dealer close by so Western is most likely who I will go with.

Somerville MA.
I don't think western will install that plow on that truck. However if they do you will have a BIG increase in productivity. You will also have to beef up that frontend to hold that plow up off the ground.

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