Do I need a new pump?


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A freind of mine bought a 8 ft. meyer (C8) for his blazer. He said it is too big and heavy for his blazer because he has a hard time lifting it and turning it (E47).

He wants to trade me for my ST90. I have an E60. He said to check with someone w/more experience and see if the E60 is all I need for that C8. He said I need the heavy duty version of the E60 (E60H). I told him I'd check, but my E60 would be fine. Am I right??


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Bear in mind the C-8's CAME with the E-47 for years. Like 1982?-1991?

Chuck would know.

Anyway, if he said the E-47 had difficulty TURNING the C-8, that's an indicator HE needs some pump service.

At any rate, your E-60 will do fine.

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sounds like you got a good chance to get a bigger plow-if its in as good a condition as yours,Id do it in a second.The 8 ft er is heavier duty too.


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Thanx guys. You are all right. First, he was having pump problems like Kent says. He said he put new oil in his pump (some stuff in a red bottle - Marvel something or other). He said when he changed it with meyer hydro fluid it made a big difference.

He said that he would still swap boards with me, even though my st90 is only one year old and looks like new. His c8 is about 5 years old and needs cleaned up. I'm still going to make the swap.

thanx again guys.


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I did the very same thing 20 years ago.

Had a Brand NEW ST-90 and traded it for a 4 year old C-8.

Glad I did it? You bet.
At first I was a little sour, 'cuz I spent quite a bit of time scraping and re-painting it. (Mounted on a brand new truck, couldn't have a shoddy looking plow.)
But when I plowed in the same lot as a ST-90 next to my C-8, it was all worth it.

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Good deal! Any pump will lift and angle the C-8. You just stepped into a NON-Meyer stereotyped plow. They are as tough as any and are 6" wider than your 7.5. They are definately a heavy duty plow with many upgrades from the ST series. A quick sandblast, prime and paint in the spring is all that it needs to last for a good long time.

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