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Do i have enough equipment???... Help !!!!!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by Stone781, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Stone781

    Stone781 Member
    Messages: 47

    Ive been a sub contractor for years with my old boss... I own my own landscape business... Now i have the opportunity to be a sub contractor for another company... But i would be the one running the show and doing all the work at this facility... Im wondering if i have enough equipment? Its a section of a shopping mall... It has about 1,200 parking spots... Three businesses are on this site... And one road that needs to be cleared around the whole parking lot... Do you think two new trucks could do this... One with a 9'2" boss plow.. The other with a 8' boss plow ... One is a dually diesel dump truck... The other is a pick up... Both fords... Sander on back of dump... Is this crazy or can it be done... Obviously there will be times when i need to bring in a machine the next morning and push up piles, etc.... But is this doable with me and the right worker with me... As well as shovelers... If you cant tell me... Could you tell me if i sent you the diagram of the lot? Or could you tell me how you judge or tell how many truck can handle a square footage or parking area? I would really appreciate it alot !!!!! Thanks again !!!
  2. 06HD BOSS

    06HD BOSS 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,611

    Personally i think 2 trucks could handle that...but only if the parking lot doesnt have more than a handfull obstructions (light poles, islands, etc). Depending on how many obsticles there are, is what is gonna make this easy or a nightmare with those 2 trucks. If you can bring in a loader to push piles back the next morning, why not just leave it on site during the storm and have the trucks bulk it all out, and the machine relocate & push everything back? Like i said, depending on how straightforward the lot is, it can be done. I would also probably throw some wings on the 8' Boss.
  3. Stone781

    Stone781 Member
    Messages: 47

    Do you have a boss? Now would the wings work well if im rolling snow like pushing rows of snow over and over?
  4. Stone781

    Stone781 Member
    Messages: 47

    I have the overview of the parking lot, and then i found it on google earth, i just cant get it onto here... I could email you it to give you a better look im from mass... Where are you from
  5. 06HD BOSS

    06HD BOSS 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,611

    CT, just south of Hartford. Yeah i have a 8' Boss. The wings will still let you roll snow, theyll also help to expand the blade to carry more snow. While looking at the map of Google earth hit the "print screen" button on the top right of the keyboard. go into photoshop or paint or whatever program you have...right click and paste. crop out the other crap besides the lot...when typing a new post, click the add attachments and upload the pic. if done right, itll show up on here
  6. Stone781

    Stone781 Member
    Messages: 47

    ok ill do it now, if your still on let me know... otherwise let me know tmrw if you can, id appreciate it
  7. Stone781

    Stone781 Member
    Messages: 47

    Heres an overview, its the large parkin lot you see... The single road that goes around it and the medium sized parking lot on the right of the last building as well as the small 40 car parking lot in the rear of the buildings where the 18 wheelers are... It has about 1,200 parking spots and it only has an island here or there, but they are not in the middle of any lots or anything... Any advice or equipment needs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again
  8. Stone781

    Stone781 Member
    Messages: 47

    Sorry i didnt send it in that message, new to sending photos on this site

  9. Stone781

    Stone781 Member
    Messages: 47

    I can email you it, so you can zoom in and stuff or email you the original photo from the customer
  10. Neige

    Neige Sponsor
    Messages: 2,215

    No way with 2 trucks. I believe in your area you get some big northeasters, loaded with wet heavy snow. You mention that you are being subbed out to do this job, what does the company who hired you say. Did he specify how much iron you need, what did they use past years. Does he think your 2 trucks will do.
  11. Enzo

    Enzo Senior Member
    Messages: 387

    I would get a loader with at least a 12ft box to push more efficiently and the two trucks
  12. 06HD BOSS

    06HD BOSS 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,611

    after seeing that pic..ideally i would use 2 trucks & 1 or 2 loaders. the trucks will definitely be tired after a night of plowing. if you dont own a loader or cant get one from the guy youre subbing for i would seriously consider renting one for the season. the trucks can go in circles around and around windrowing the snow outwards, but like neige said...with a heavy snow or deep accumulation its gonna be some work, those windrows are gonna get deep very soon. And i would definitely throw wings on that 8' if you end up doing this.
  13. Gicon

    Gicon Senior Member
    from MA
    Messages: 989

    Stone, is that Solomon??????? You def wont be able to do that with 2 pick ups....
  14. BlackIrish

    BlackIrish Senior Member
    Messages: 902

    anything is doable,but if you get 12+ inches of wet snow you'll be pushing for days, loader better bet. if your serious about snow you know that first impressions are lasting. Put a loader there and go find add'l work for the trucks close by. imo
  15. scitown

    scitown Senior Member
    Messages: 422

    Im from MA too. Small parking lots around here (grocery stores, pharmacies) seem to all use loaders. Im not sure where in MA you are but eastern we get snow that is real heavy. I have never done a parking lot but like I said most use loaders at least to pile the snow at the end of the heavy windrows. Where are you?
  16. Stone781

    Stone781 Member
    Messages: 47

    Gicon, whats solomon?

    OK so it looks like i would minimum need to rent a loader with a pusher for the season.... will i get yelled at on here if i ask roughly how much they go for... i know it depends on the place and the machine, Etc. Just give me a ballpark...

    What about spreaders... Ive used gas one before... are the electric any better or more chance of recking your batteries?
  17. Stone781

    Stone781 Member
    Messages: 47

    Ive got a 2004 Ford F350 Diesel, Dually Flatbed... And a 350 diesel pickup.. The dump/flatbed has a 9'2" Boss plow and the pickup has a 8' Boss Plow...

    Another stupid question, im sure it depends on the contract and contractors.... If someone has an accident on your parking lot and your a sub contractor... Who gets sued, the Contractor who subs out the work, the sub contractor actually doing the work or the place? Does it all depend on the contract i suppose?
  18. Pennings Garden

    Pennings Garden Senior Member
    from VA
    Messages: 242

    A skid steer for 5 months, around $6000.- right? (We use our own, but I think that’s what they go for) you need to buy a pusher (I don't think you will find anyone to rent you one of those)

    Spreader, everyone has an opinion, its gas for me... I have a hard time believing that electric can be as strong as gas powered, but like I said there is allot of guys who would fight me on that...
  19. OfCourseYouCan

    OfCourseYouCan Junior Member
    Messages: 11

    Who gets sued

    Everyone with a juicy insurance policy gets sued. But I suspect you are going to be quite deligent on a big commercial property and there won't be any solid grounds for negligence. Not that that won't stop people from trying. I've been told by insurance companies that if someone gets injured and they sue, they are probably gonna get some money just to go away. I have had 2 slip and fall claims against me in the last four years, and it seems they are no big deal. Word of advice seems to be keep good records, of the weather, and of your operations, plowing times, materials used, crew members, returns trips, etc. I am spoke with a lawyer today to have my contracts evaluated. I got asked a lot of questions in connection with the slip and falls regarding who was responsible for determining what course of actions to and when to take them. None of that is spelled out in my contracts. Usually I make the decisions and confer with property owners if I have any doubts.
  20. Stone781

    Stone781 Member
    Messages: 47

    how much is a loader or a backhoe... no one rents a pusher with a loader or hoe huh?