Discount on a 50 driveway lot??

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by nlminc, Feb 27, 2001.

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    I had asked this Question in the temp. forum, but never saw any answers, so I'm posting again. A management co. gave me an account with 50 drives all close together (1 mile) not easy driveway's most are stone, tight and hilly. I also have to shovel walks for most of them. The co. doing it before me got fire for not showing during 2 storms. Sooooo... My question to you is how would you price this? They told me to price by the driveway (management Co.)

    Thanks, Chris
  2. slplow

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    nlmine, What kind of stone? 3/4 , 1/2 or peastone.

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    If I had to bid on a plow job like that i would just look at it hourly. if it is going to take you 6 hours than I would figure $125/hr X 6 hrs = $750/50 driveways = $15 per driveway. this $125 would cover myself+1 helper to shovel. The $$ per hour will be different for everyone. I figure 125/hr coveres me, fuel, 1 helper, wear + tear on truck, + a pretty good profit.
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    You are 1/2 way or more through your season. Charge him full price for good service. He went with the cheap contractor and look where it got him, why do him a favor. If it was me I would charge more than regular.

  5. Yardworks

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    I would definitely charge more then $15 a driveway. You should figure out a minimum amount for the small easy one's and go up from there. Min. charges around here are usually 25-30 dollars.
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    I agree with Geoff, they must pay more for the rest of the seasons due to overbooking. This is what i do and people are happy to have someone reliable.

    About discount, not really. even a little 2.50$ X 50 clients= 125$ X 20 events = just enough to go to Denver with 2500$ in your pocket.

  7. 66Construction

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    Do like the other guys said, charge full price if not more. Let them try and find another dependable contractor to take that job at this point in the season. It doesn't sound like a cake job at all. The worst thing is when you're half way through the job thinking this was worth twice what I charged. I'd want more then $15 per driveway.
  8. Mike Nelson

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    Time to pay the Piper!!!

    He must get a penelty for using a cheaper service:D

    You didn't plan to have him,so no price breaks for him.

    Good Luck
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    My pricing plan is 10%discount before nov 1, full price till jan 1, 15% over after that. when I bid on a job. This seems to really encourage people to commit early. I also have a fix-em clause. If I have to come after someone else has made a mess on a lot or drive I charge double, becuase time and equipment suffer when you are fixing a mess.

    Be fair, but make them pay something for waiting! Professional service comes at a Porfessional price!
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    If those driveways would go for 30 anywhere else,I might do them for 25-if they all go together-but charge extra for heavy deep snow-this is when you get behind schedule and need to make extra money for reduced efficiency.

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    why do you feel you need to offer him a discount?
    do as geoff said,charge your regular price.
    this is what is wrong in some parts of the snow removal industry, people think they need to offer a deal all the time. i remember a thread not long ago that said MAINTAIN YOUR MARGINS. people will pay for quality service.

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    I said $15/driveway only as an example. I would obviously have to look at the scope of work first hand. I'm not a lowballer by any means. You guys think that $125/hr isn't enough. I want to come plow with you guys!!!!! I was only trying to explain that this guy is most likely a "property manger". They are the worst to deal with. They will most likely get as many estimates as they can and just go with the lowest. I work in the same area (massachusetts) as the person in the original post. I have given out estimates and people have actually started laughing at me. They always have a "brother, buddy, neighbors kid etc." that can do it for 1/3 the price. I tell them if you want to have someone who "might" show up in an uregistered/uninsured truck that "might" start in a blizzard, and "might" not rip up your grass, driveway etc, than its your choice. i also give them my card and tell them when there is a foot of snow in there driveway and they cant get there camry out, give me a call and I "might" come buy (for 3X the price!!!!)sorry for the rant. i'm sure you have had similar things happen to you all---
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    I would also full price, even more for the gravel/ stone drive way's. Maybe the co. that did not show up was not getting paid who knows. I personally would not give them a price on it. Do to the driveways not being paved (stone drives s..k to do).