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  1. SlimJim Z71

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    Okay, after that manhole cover incident, I think I'm gonna get me one of your polyurethane edges. Couple of questions first though:

    1. How much for a 90" one?

    2. Do they come in different colors?

    3. I have downpressure on my plow, it is okay to use it?

    4. Do they come pre-drilled?

    5. What would be the best thickness to get?

    6. Am I going to need new mounting bolts?


  2. OP
    SlimJim Z71

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    Would someone please clamp a LoJack to Dino... he was on earlier, where is he? Is he getting snow?

  3. SCL

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    Well color my face red. I have a Fisher trip edge and figured I couldn't get this for my plow. Then it finally hits me. The place I bought my plow and truck from kept the edge. What an idiot I am. Needless to say no wonder it doesn't seem to clean as wel as it should. So now I have to buy an edge and I wonder if poly is the way to go?
  4. GeoffD

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    They didn't keep your edge. A cutting edge is an extra on all fisher plows.

    I know you can use a steel edge of the 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, and 10'. I think you might have to use a poly on the 6-9'.

    What size plow did you get? I know a few years ago the 7.5 came with a cutting edge.

    I know after this winter there will be a lot more members on this forum useing Urethane edges. After I hear there comments will be when I decide if i want to make the conversion from steel to Urethane.

  5. SCL

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    Well thank you for making me feel a little less stupid. My plow is an 8' on a 1T dump. Doesn't backdrag wortha darn. Figure an edge can't do anything but help. Going to my local Wesretn Dist. tomorrow to buy something. Don't know how close my nearest Fisher dealer is. Figure they all have to be pretty much the same, or not?
  6. GeoffD

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    If you go with steel:

    I think the punch is the same on the western and fisher. Only save yourself some money and drive right by the dealer, and go to a equipment dealer, or someone who specilizes in construction and road maint. They will be able to get and edge that fits and is cheaper. Move up to a 5/8" think edge you will get longer use out of it, and better performance. I generally go through 1 edge a year per plow, sometimes two if we get a lot of storms. I think most of the time we change edges in Febuary or March. We have a whole stack of them sitting in the shop along the wall.

    If you go with Urethane, forget everything I said, and listen to someone who has used these edges.


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  7. SCL

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    Got a ballpark on prices? Not gonna hold you to it, just don't want to fall over when I go to get one:)

    PINEISLAND1 PlowSite.com Veteran
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    Well Geoff, I've got 20 hours now on my urethane edge in the last couple days. So far so good. I feel much more comfortable pushing up on grass now. And it is quieter.

    I haven't worn an angle on the edge even yet. Seems pretty tough.

    Wish they came in Boss red though!
  9. GeoffD

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    I can get a 5/8 X 8' steel edge for 60 dollars, thats with a discount. I know the most you will pay for steel is 100 bucks.

    I have heard 8' Urethane runs 250.

  10. plowking35

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    90" edge will run about $ 275.00 plus shipping, more if it is from cues.
    They do come in different colros as long as its yellow.
    Down pressure is fine, in fact they work better in comprssion.
    1.5" will work fine
    No they are not predrilled, but a 9/16 butterfly bit works fine
    Yes you will need botls 1.5" longer than you presently use.
    Go to http://www.thehousedoktor.com and read my article on the edges.
    They really do what we say they do, and for those of you who might ask, we are working out details with the administrator of LS for ad space. So I am not free loading. I feel he should get some of income because this forum has been a great resource for me.
    From a stock standpoint, fisher wants you to wear that trip edge 2" before you bolt on a cutting edge, so they dont come stock.
    For the record, the poly edge that comes on the 6'9" fisher isnt urethane, its a plastic not a sythetic rubber. Its actually the same material they make the moldboards out of. Good for moldboards, not so good for edges.
    Call me if you have any ?? I have 7 in stock and can ship in the am if need be