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I have a flashing light on my cab roof, wanted another one visible from the back. Bought a small strobe light today that is similar to the one on the cab roof but smaller - 4" dia x 4" high. I came up with a way to mount it so it's effectively "hidden":

The pic shows my truck's headache rack (another "home made" creation) with the spare tire mounted up top. It fits on a dummy hub made from 4" pipe, there is enough space up on the inside of the rim for that light to fit.

Drilled and tapped for two 10-24 screws, silicone sealed where the wires go into the base since the supplied gasket won't work on a round surface. One of the screws was used for the ground terminal, and the power wire is routed up along the rest of the headache rack wiring. I simply connected to the switch for the roof top flashing light since I want them both going at the same time anyway. Low current draw and plenty of visibility. If I really want to light up the neighborhood, I can switch on the two big rotator lights as well. :cool:

With the spare tire in place, you have to look right up inside the rim to see the light. When flashing it reflects off the aluminum plate my 3-light cluster and backup light is mounted to.

Now, we just need some more snow to plow so I can test this thing out in real-world conditions..................

headache rack.jpg

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