diesel vibration in cab - help


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new jersey
I have an 84 c20 that is very loud inside the cab at 35 to 45 mph and again at anything over 60. Is there anything I can do to eliminate this horrendous noise?

John DiMartino

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My Uncle had an 84 K30,the exhaust sustem was modified to duals,and ever since then it vibrated bad too,at 60 his was revving like 3700 RPM's so that might have had smething to do with it,but it didnt do it with the single exhaust.Other than that ,Id have someone rev the engine,and look under the ttruck,and under the hood for things vibrating,and buzzing.Good luck.


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Fairbanks AK
If you're running duals a cross over tube between the pipes will cut the resonance a bit. I had duals on my 6.2 and I just got used to shouting when someone was riding with me and we were going down the highway. I'd check your clearances around your pipe(s) and make sure that they aren't vibrating on anything.


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