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Just wondering if anyone is using a extended cab or quad cab ford diesel to plow with even though it voids the warranty. here in michigan a have seen a few guys using them. Wanted to know if you are if it has caused any problems of if they run fine and ford is just underestimating their trucks. :drinkup:



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I run a '01 Dodge 2500 quad cab Cummins 8' Fisher. No problems as of yet. Dodge does not void the warranty on this truck if you run the 7.5 on it. I bought the truck from the dealer with the plow and then went to the sub that installed the plow and move up to the 8' with cash money ( $500 ) I think. The dealer has it listed in the computer as the 7.5. I run a 850 pound concrete block in my bed to counter the plow. The block sits behind the rear end. The truck rides great as well as level, and most of the time I can plow in 2wd. I plow streets and parking lots for my local highway dept.

I have a couple of buddies running the fords and they have had no problems related to the plow!!
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BOSS 444

sure do!

I plow w/ a 99' F-350 SD PSD. Crew cab, single r.wheel.

Plows great in a big lot. Obivously its a little tight @ some of the smaller lots. Thats fine, we work hourly on 95% of all our work. Just takes a few more minutes. Its not that bad.

As far as the warrenty goes..... your right, w/ the diesel, its regular cab or nothing, if you want to plow. Well I wasn't going to but a regular cab, & I wasn't going to buy a gas engine, & I wasn't going to spend this much $$ on a truck & not plow w/ it!! So, I took my chances. 106K miles now, & only warrenty claim was a turbo seal @ 95K. They fixed it, never said anything about the plow bracket on the truck.

BTW.... The plow is a 8'2" BOSS Poly-V.

Hope this helps,

Boss 444


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I'm using a 2003 F350 SD Crew Cab 7.3L Powerstroke with a western 8 1/2 MVP plow. I have ten bags of tube sand in the back (75lbs each), along with my tow chains, salt, shovels, come alongs. Total about 1000 lbs in the back. No problems yet. I only have 1900 miles on it so far. I been out with it twice so far. I was using a 2000 F250 SD 7.3L Powerstroke, extended cab long box, same plow. I used that for three seasons and put 30000 miles on it. When I went to purchase the 03, I asked the salesman about the warranty being void. He wrote on the contract that they will cover the truck with no problems. It is up to the dealer about the warranty, they don't have to tell Ford there is a plow on the truck.
I run a 99 250 SD Ext. cab short bed with the diesel with a Boss 8'2" V, and a salt spreader in the back. As of yet I've had no suspension problems or anything plow related. Just do the proper PM and you'll be in good shape


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we have crew cab 450's w/ 9' diamonds. of course they have a higher weight rating and axle ratings so its not the same as the issues with 250 and 350's. however most landscape companies run 350's and they all have plows. find a good dealer and you'll be ok. i don't run one on my 250 now, but probably will when it ages alittle and i'm not worried. the new superduties can handle alot of abuse.

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A friend of mine runs a 2002 F 550 crew and dump with the power stroke, a 2001 F 350 crew with the power stroke and his brother has a 2001 F 250 ext with the power stroke. All have boss v plows


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I have 2001 super duty F-250 PSD Crew Cab, Got a Meyers 7.5 works great. Haven't had any problems yet(knock on wood) with truck got 39,000 miles on it. Only thing that went wrong was I hit some wheel stops in a loading dock and broke my track bar braket got it welded back on and good as new. About the dealer ship there is a couple around southeastern that will work with you, PM me if you have any questions. Do you got a plow on your truck or are looking to get one for a PSD?
don't mind the mistake above..........

My truck is a 2002 f350 PSD reg. cab with a 8 ft. boss and a 2yd. vbox in back. Runs great, only 2 months old......4500mi. Just wondering how it compared to the ext. cabs and quad cabs.


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I have an '03 F350 PSD, 8'2" Boss Poly V. Plow installed by dealer. Plow price is right on the invoice.

I also have an extended warranty (www.warrantydirect.com). They won't cover damage caused by Plowing, (if I break something while actually plowing), but should if the front end goes out.

I tried to get a good definition of what may not be covered by Ford, from the Ford dealer. Everyone I asked had a different answer. 99% of the time you are not plowing, so the crew cab is the way to go in my book!


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I must agree with BOSS 444, a regular cab truck is the way to go as far as plowing. Shorter turning radius is the key, especially for those "U" shaped driveways. Extended cab's and crew cab's are great for the room, but are just too long, not to mention more $$$, and bigger blind spots. Now imagine GM coming out with a 3/4 ton shortbed truck with quadrasteer! :rolleyes: That's wishful thinking.


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Well thats the problem with the BIG 3 Tim!!!

What you want is what a LOT of us plowers would want!

9200 GVWR
Regular Cab
6.5' Bed
HD Version of QUADRASTEER!!!

They'd sell these like hotcakes!

Heck the parts are already there on the shelves! Just allow it to be ordered!

OOPPSSss!!! Back to reality. :realmad:
You can't beat a long wheelbase truck for pushing power.The longer the truck the better it will push.The longer truck doesn't tend to get sideways as much.It is a pain in small lots though.We usually pair up one big truck with a smaller truck working together,way faster.Too bad they couldn't make an articulating long wheelbase truck,best of both worlds.


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2004 2500 quadrasteer

Pickuptruck.com states the Gm will be offering quadrasteer in 2500 crew cabs next model yr and lowering the price of the option to $2,000. Now I would like to see it available in a reg cab 2500. imagine plowing in that . you could use a little shorter plow and NEVER leave your tracks .LOL turn around in double wide drives . Technology can be great


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A few days ago while I was at the Fisher dealer, I saw a new '03 Dodge 2500 crew cab with Cummins diesel badge on it. It was sitting on the dealer parking lot with brand new Fisher 8.5' V plow. I was surpised to see that because I am almost positive that it is not recommended in Fisher chart because of diesel weight and extra length of cab. :eek:

I have heard about quadrasteer and I think that it is a nice new technology, but because they are still new in market, I would wait for at least a few years to let the bugs get worked out. Also, as you mentioned, it is only offered in 2500 crew cab models as of now. It would not be an ideal plow truck.

It would be interesting to see if they can make them available on heavier duty models like 2500HD and 3500, because they must be stronger and still be able to handle the heavy load without breaking or excessive wearing, and still be stable. But even if they offer them now, I would not consider them, yet. Because there would be more moving parts, and more things that could go wrong. I don't need that. If I need to make a tight turn and ride over the snow, so what? I will just take a bit more of my time to scrap it up and be done in no time.

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