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There is a web site discussion forum for GM heavy duty truck owners. 2500HD and 3500 gas and diesel trucks. The web site is:


I signed up to be a member of this forum but when I got an email from them, they gave me a link to complete the registration which requires me to pay around $15 for annual basic membership. I can pay for it but I was surpised to see that they charge members fees to be part of forum. Without a doubt, Plowsite and Lawnsite forums are much better and easier to use than the Diesel Page forum, and it also is free. So I am wondering if anyone know why Diesel Page is charging their members annual fees? :confused:

Anyone here a Diesel Page member?


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winterset iowa
I agree cat320, this is the best site on the web.
I guess I would pay membership dues here because I spend so much time here.
I would rather be asked to donate rather than be forced to pay for membership.
I feel very privileged to be a member of this forum. There is so much knowledge to gain from the members here.
I would gladly pay to come here,
Mark K

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You can register for the board without paying the membership. The membership has other incentives. Click on the TheDieselPage.comForum link and then click on "register here".


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