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Diesel or Gas? help me decide!

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by Workaholic, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. Workaholic

    Workaholic Member
    Messages: 55

    hi, this is my first post and i am really happy i found this site, i have a feeling its going to help me out allot. Anyways i am 15 and currently have 17 lawns i cut and i have recently purchase ALL new equipment including rider, push and trimmers etc. I also work for a company as a side walk boy in the winter and push driveways with my atv locally. I will be buying my first truck (for personal and business use) and will be registering my business and also buying a 72" mower n snow blade.

    I am looking at 95-98 GM z71/4x4's and am debating between 5.7 or the 6.5 diesel.
    I'll be using it to tow a 16' enclosed hallmark full of lawn/landscaping equipment quite often and I will be pushing snow in the winter. I will also be driving it to school everyday (sometimes with the trailer to get a quiker start).

    What would be my best bet.. as far a fuel miliage pulling power and what would be best for my 3 needs (pull push dailydriver)

    Thanks for the advice
  2. OneBadDodge06

    OneBadDodge06 Senior Member
    from Iowa
    Messages: 770

    I love chevy's but the pre duramax diesels are JUNK. The 350 always has been a good strong motor. I have to include my disclaimer tho as to not start a debating war. This is in my opinion only. There now I'm safe. :cool:
  3. sonjaab

    sonjaab PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,425

    WORK..........If your gonna buy used.... a gasser is your best bet !

    Fellas with used diesels want the sky..... aka BIG $$$ for them and Blade
    is right the 6.5 has its problems also.

    Save the headaches and shop time. Have ANY used rig inspected carefully
    at a auto shop you know and trust. Worth the few bucks it will cost.
    Esp. the intake manifold gasket on the 5.7 OBS trucks.
    Avoid a truck that has been pre-plowed or heavy towed.........

    Don't rush and buy the first pretty face (truck) you find......... :rolleyes:

    Good luck and keep us posted................geo................ :drinkup:
  4. LHK2

    LHK2 Senior Member
    Messages: 205

    the 6.5 turbo is junk. to replace will cost you around 8,000. go with gas
  5. BOSS550

    BOSS550 Senior Member
    Messages: 212

    He'sdefinitely right. I owned some of that 6.5 diesel junk. Go for the gas.
  6. I'm sure some have loved there 6.5s but many love there gassers! You can replace a gasser 2-3x before you incure the cost of replacing a 6.5.

    To sum it up, diesels are great...BUT..IF you have problems, you got BIG problems.