Did you use a Blizzard this year?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Caneplow, Feb 10, 2001.

  1. Caneplow

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    I have read all the prior posts and threads about the Blizzard Plows and most people that have posted negative things about them don't own them. I want to hear from people who do use them and their experiences with them.

    I know that they are 4 or so years old and have really been marketing hard for the past 2 seasons or so. I have also spoken to the company and other distributors that sell more than just this plow so I have gotten some feedback from neutral people.

    I was also told and I can't confirm it that the designer of the Western V Plow is the owner (or lead engineer) for Blizzard.

    I don't want a bashing session, just feedback from your personal (or close) experience.

  2. Mark Oomkes

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    I was told that the engineer(s) was from Boss. A competitor here bought one last year, and he told me he wouldn't buy another one.
  3. John Allin

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    I can confirm (from conversations with the principals) that the Blizzard people were previously associated with Boss.

    I have been all over a blizzard plow personally, but have not owned one or used one. I was under it, over it, inside it, in front of it and behind it..... I was at a trade show and had lots of people lookin at me funny. I have opinions based upon what I saw, but have no hands on experience running one.

    I do have a sub working for me, locally in Erie, that uses one without the adjustable winglets. He is not unhappy with it, however this is his first year plowing and he knows nothing about any other piece of equipment. He has no complaints and in working next to him I can say that (minus the adjustable wings) it worked as well as any other blade I have seen work. He hasn't broke down yet this season and has not outwardly complained or complimented the unit.
  4. Kent Lawns

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    I RAN one, thought it thought it worked good.

    I wouldn't BUY one. The guys that did buy one didn't buy more. THAT should tell you something. The dealers that sell them have plenty in stock. After this winter, THAT should tell you something.

    I just don't think there are many folks on this forum who run the Blizzard. I sounds like you have more experience with them than anyone else here has.

    Perhaps folks are a little gunshy of running a front plow with 8 hydraulic cylinders.

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  5. OP

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    Ken, could you tell me what you didn't like about it? Why wouldn't you buy one? Why do you speculate that the other plower wouldn't buy another one? What did you like about it? What were you comparing it with?
  6. Kent Lawns

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    1.) What I didn't like about it is in other posts. Basically I feel it is too complex and vulnerable for the additional productivity it offers. It needs to expand to 14' to get me excited.

    2.) I wouldn't buy one for reasons already posted and I have 14 Boss plows I want to keep them the same until something better comes out. Blizzard isn't something better.

    3.) I didn't SPECULATE the other company won't buy another one. They told me so and have purchased Boss' again this season.

    4.) What I did like about it was how well it carries snow.

    5.) What am I comparing it with? A Pusher. A rear plow. A V-Blade.
  7. cat320

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    I think that the blizzard has too many moving parts that would have to be fixed.Only speculation on my part from seeing it at the truck show last year in boston.
  8. OP

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    Kent Lawns, I wasn't trying to be difficult; I just wanted to get a better understanding from you about your experience with the blow; and I thank you for that.

    I am sure you are like me and before I spend in excess of $4k on something you want to make sure it's going to work as advertised, stand up for the winters and be easy to fix when broken.
  9. Wilburn Parks

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    I did buy 2 blizzards this year and I did have minor problems that the dealer was suppose to fix before being sold. The problem was the brackets holding the pump and manifold were supposed to have gussets installed . I did them myself on both plows and haven't had any problems since with the brackets. I was worried about buying them since they are new, but they seem to be built plenty heavy for the job. I haven't had no problems with the wings going in or out. They are plenty strong as I have hit them banks and curbs plenty hard a few times (not on purpose) and no problems have accured. I have had no problems with hydralics or valves. I was also worried about that because there are a lot of them(valves), but also a lot on boss plows also.It plows as good as my 2 fishers but wider. I like fishers bottom trip edge better.I belive it is a well built plow, but personally I can't see the advantage of a v plow but a lot of people love them on this site. I have seen a lot of talk of breaking welds on the center pivot on boss plows so no plow is perfect I guess? Will the blizzard last as good as my fishers time will tell.I guess overall I'm satisfied with my Blizard plow. Also I bought a meyers slick stick and installed it on left side as I like it better on the left, but both controls work still. If you need more info you can E-mail me. Sorry this is so long but just trying to get some info out.
  10. Turfclippings

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    We bought a Blizzard plow in Dec-00. We also have a Meyer. The blizzard can really move some snow. I would buy another one, and hopefully the next one will be the 10ft/wings. We compared Meyer, Fisher. Western and decided the unique curve of the blade and quick hookup sytem, sold us.
  11. OP

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    Thanks Turfclippings; I am looking at the 8-10 or whatever they call it. I am still trying to decide.