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Did I do the right thing:confused:

Discussion in 'Residential Snow Removal' started by wawuce, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. wawuce

    wawuce Member
    Messages: 32

    I was on my way back from plowing my wife's aunt's house and there was a little old lady out trying to clear her driveway....She waved me over and asked how much to do her driveway. I told her I wouldn't charge her. She says that she want's to pay because of the use of my truck, plowing, and maintenance. I asked her if she has any kids and she says one is in Amherst and the other is out of state. So I told her to consider me one of her kids. I asked her how old she was and she says 90. How can I charge her!! She has a double wide driveway that can hold 4 cars. Gave her my phone numbers and call me when she needs it done. Did I do the right thing?
  2. Sawboy

    Sawboy PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,700

    Did you do the right thing???

  3. oatka

    oatka Junior Member
    Messages: 16


    it's always the right thing to help out someone.

    (it also would have been ok to charge her)

    but it always is ok to do it free. your call.
  4. dunedog

    dunedog Senior Member
    Messages: 129

    Actually by 'NOT' charging you may be safer,liability wise.
    When you start plowing and charging you become a 'Pro' in the eyes of an insurance company and you need different insurance and sometimes plates.
    Plus you are really going to get 'Lawncare' mad:nono: :bluebounc
  5. Detroitdan

    Detroitdan PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,937

    My mother lives with us now that she's old and retired and widowed. I always send my dear old mum out to stand by the road with a shovel, sooner or later a good hearted soul will plow us for free. Longest I've ever had to leave her out there was like an hour. When she complained she was cold I said, "Jeez, Ma, you could always start shoveling, it makes the time pass and keeps you warm. You want the rest of my hot cocoa?"

    JK ;)
  6. Detroitdan

    Detroitdan PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,937

    Didn't anyone ever teach you, NEVER ask a woman her age!? That's almost as bad as asking a big woman when the baby is due.
  7. NoFearDeere

    NoFearDeere PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,724

    You did the right thing....I do it all the time.:nod:
  8. AlwaysGreener

    AlwaysGreener Senior Member
    Messages: 192

    You did a great thing. You need to becarefull if you have clients in that area and they see you plowing her driveway, you know neighbors they all talk. "he is doing her driveway for free why is he charging me" happened to me. But if you have no clients around her, plow away you earned your wings :angel:
  9. L.I.Mike

    L.I.Mike Senior Member
    Messages: 370

    You did the only thing you could.
    I have a "little old lady" who I have not charged in 2 years. I have even gone over and shoveled her drive when it was not enough to plow.
  10. SnoFarmer

    SnoFarmer PlowSite Fanatic
    from N,E. MN
    Messages: 9,883

  11. DeereFarmer

    DeereFarmer PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,296

    You did the right thing. I think I have plowed more old peoples driveways for free than all my paying customers! JK:cool:
  12. wawuce

    wawuce Member
    Messages: 32

    When I went over to do that lady's driveway I knew I wouldn't charge her right from the start. She reminds me of a little old grandma who you can't say no to. I know the rule of thumb about asking the age question. I felt dumb just after I asked her. Hey I was curious!!! At 90 years of age and she's out there with a shovel....I gotta give her credit! I told her I wouldn't charge her. I'll do it every time for free. That's how it should be. I'm 33 and I have my dad who has parkinson's at age 63. Drove tractor/trailer for 40 years. Broke his heart when they said he had to retire. I do what I can for him as much as possible. I don't really plow for the money...although it's nice when I get some. I just do it to help out family or those in need. I think that's why I was put here. It's ok though. I like helping those in need.
  13. djd427

    djd427 Member
    from NEPA
    Messages: 98

    You did a good thng. Good for you!
  14. Mowerpan

    Mowerpan Senior Member
    Messages: 305

    Yup not only did it make you feel good I bet, but you'd be surprised the buisness you can get from people seeing you plowing it or word of mouth her telling people she knows someone who plows.
  15. douglasl330

    douglasl330 Senior Member
    Messages: 356

    Hey you did a great Thing and hopefully you get rewarded someday! Now if you were running a business whole different story! Just remember if you break or cause property damage what will happen? Best of luck!
  16. Guy

    Guy Member
    from Alaska
    Messages: 46

    Dude, I wouldn't be suprized if she suprises you with a pie some cold day.
    If you brings you food, take it, I don't care what it is.
  17. NEAL

    NEAL Member
    Messages: 98

    I would have done it for free too. My wife always gets down on me for doing stuff like that but some day when I am dead and she is old maybe someone will plow her drive for free and she will realize that it's a good thing. LOL
  18. k1768

    k1768 Senior Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 556


    I say you did the right thing.
    I look at it this way....what if she was your mother/grandmother?
    Now what SHOULD happen, is one of her sons should maybe send a few bucks.
    I would just be concerned about any potential liability issues like others have mentioned.
    Are you a Pro? Or just do your own & friends/family?
    I'm curious, because I could see myself in a similar situation.
  19. nekos

    nekos Senior Member
    Messages: 586

    i have 6 account's set up for next year. < i wish i could take them on this year > an older couple in their late 60's braged to their entire block about the young boy that took care of them and helped them out so much .

    NOTE: i guess looking like im 12 does have it's advantages :)
  20. Plow Meister

    Plow Meister PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,174

    Did you do the right thing... ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

    She gets plenty of money from Social Security. COme on! Senior citizens get a TON of money to burn every month!:rolleyes:

    Honestly, I would have done the same thing. I applaud you and your efforts:drinkup: Just make certain to let her know not to let anyone else know of your good deed or else you will quickly become the boy scout of the neighborhood.

    I plow out a few elderly in my 'hood. I try to do it early in the morning when I know they're sleeping so they can't wave me over to pay me. I don't make a ton of money but I do believe in "Do unto others..."