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I was talking to a friend of mine today and he told me that Dick Cepec has gone bankrupted. I was planning to bue new 44" tyres for my truck (it only has 38" :)), and I have used Dick Cepec tyres for few years now and like them a lot.

Is it true that you cant get those tyres any more an no one else is going to produce them? He told me that the only manufacturer who still produces 44 inches tyres is Super Swamper. I am sure they are good tyres, exspecially for mud but a am not sure they are that good for driving in snow, and that is what we do in ICELAND. I am sure you will correct me if am wrong :)

By the way, my truck is 1981 Chevy Blazer K5 Silverado, 350, TH350, NP208, Dana44 front, 12 bolt rear, lockers front and rear, has 38" tyres and has saved my butt more than once (when I make mistakes :)).


Jon H.

Chuck Smith

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I don't know if they went under or not, but Dick Cepek had the HIGHEST prices on every part. I wouldn't buy anything from them, because of that fact. You name the part, and they had it for more than any other source. As far as their tires, my father had a set of Fun County's on his Jeep years ago, and liked them. They lasted a long time, but then again, so did the Goodyears he had on it before that, and the Goodyears were an aggressive off road tread too.

I suggest you check out Tyres International. They have great prices, and even package deals on tires and wheels already mounted and balanced. I'm pretty sure you can still get Gumbo Monster Mudders, and Ground Hawgs, as well as Swampers in the 44" size. Those are about the only tires I see there, or anywhere else in the 44" size. You can always see what Firestone and Goodyear offer for FARM EQUIPMENT.
Rest assured there is no problem with farm type Firestones! Golf courses and farm around the world have been using them for over 50 years!

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