Diamond MD II


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Had my last plow installed today, on a F 350 regular cab with a custom rear body.

The truck had the pick up bed delete option, so we had a flat bed added, and tool boxes on each side and across the front. Perfect truck for someone that carries exervator buckets in the back during the summer.

Well, I wanted the Diamond Pull A Way, however the MD II was all the Dealer could find for the truck. Well I must say the New MDII is super. The new mounting / installing system is easy to use, i think part of thise design was due for liablity reasons. The old Pull Away system was much like a convential mount, and many people left the lift frame on year round. I think this was because the lift frame and plow couldn't be removed in one step, like the MD II can. The trip edge now has a much great angle of attack, it will perform much better than past models.



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I just went up to Coastal Metal fab with a friend of mine on Friday to pick up a 8' Diamond MDII nice plow love the lights and touch pad control. We installed it over the weekend and his 2002 F250 S/D never looked better.

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