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I posted this before but I guess it has disappeared. I am looking for the old steel Diamond deflector that was simliar to a Fisher Snofoil. Does Diamond still make these? All I see on the website is a rubber one. If no then can I find one in old stock somewhere? Any ideas guys? I just bought a used Diamond plow for a steal and I need a deflector because it will be on a truck that I use to plow a private communities roads.


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I would use the rubber WE had those on the plows when i was working on the town dpw and it was great I put it on my own personal plow now that i'm not with the town any more I have a diamond blade 8' .


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You can contact Diamond at the phone and email listed on their site:


There should be distributors with old "steel design in their stock. Ask Diamond to give you list of old distributors unless they can help you directly.

If you do not get any help, reply that you still have not found one, and I will try to help you.


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Call either Universal Welding Watertown Ct., or Southford truck equipers Southbury CT.. Universal sold diamonds back in the late 80's- early 90's. Southford has sold Diamonds since the mid 90's to present. Or you can Try Northwest Truck Equipment in Torrington CT. ask for Shaun.

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