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diamond 8 ft plow?

Discussion in 'Meyer / Diamond Products Discussion' started by dragster, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. dragster

    dragster Junior Member
    from r.i
    Messages: 4

    Looking at a diamount 8 ft plow off of a 99 f250 super duty. Will it fit my 2003 excursion?
    It will cost me $500 for the whole set up. What do you guys thinks good.
    Any pro or cons to these plows.The plow is a pull way set up.
  2. D.todd6

    D.todd6 Member
    Messages: 35

    According to Meyer's website they don't make a mount for Excursions.
  3. Nascar24

    Nascar24 Senior Member
    Messages: 645


    Yes it should fit, providing it is coming off of a F250 Super Duty Version and not off of a F250 LD. You will have to remove the Blocker Beam on the front of the Excursion. The plow is a good plow , only downside is the Pull -Away version is no longer available and has limited applications if you ever want to move it to another truck, you will have to convert it to a Meyer type hinge and use a Meyer Classic mounting carton.
    Last edited: May 4, 2009
  4. dragster

    dragster Junior Member
    from r.i
    Messages: 4


    Thanks for the info, I should have it mounted soon. Just cleaning up all the brackets.