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Des Moines Iowa Subs

Discussion in 'Networking' started by ExecutiveLawns, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. ExecutiveLawns

    ExecutiveLawns Member
    Messages: 91

    Im currently looking for subs in the des moines area, all accounts are on the north and west side of des moines.

    Looking for subs with...
    trucks with straight or v plows (v plow preferred)
    skid loaders w/ snow buckets or blowers
    telehandlers with snow buckets
    end loaders with bucket or pushers
    dump trucks

    if you are interested call John at 515 208-7476
  2. OneBadDodge06

    OneBadDodge06 Senior Member
    from Iowa
    Messages: 770

    What are you paying for vee plows?
  3. jce4isu

    jce4isu Senior Member
    Messages: 289

    what do you pay 4a telehandler
  4. ExecutiveLawns

    ExecutiveLawns Member
    Messages: 91

    for the V plows probably around $55 or so an hour but let me know what you would need.
    for the telehandlers im not sure make me an offer
  5. TPC Services

    TPC Services Senior Member
    Messages: 875

    what you paying for V's? I hope more then that!! I would'nt leave the house for less the $65 got to figure gas and diesel are on the rise cost of insurance and the wear and tear plow's due to trucks even if you do'nt beat the living snot out of them!! I'll go sell my crap if this keeps up!!!
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2007
  6. ExecutiveLawns

    ExecutiveLawns Member
    Messages: 91


    If your wanting more money youll have to take on the responsibility of having you own accounts which means going out talking to people of having people call you from a good reputation and being all in or all out of the business which means you cant just plow snow until you have to go work your 9-5 job.