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Those of you who use something other than rock salt or a salt/sand mixture - what are you using? Is it less expensive in the long run since I'm guessing you don't have to apply as much material? Or is it more costly but justifiably so since it's more effective than salt/sand? We use #1 rock salt exclusively and may go to a salt/sand mixture next season. We treat only commercial lots and don't have any sidewalks to worry about.

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I use mostly a salt and sand mix, maybe because it is what everyone else uses. It is very rare in maine for people to use pure salt. I find a salt and sand mix with a 7/3 ration works very good, 3 parts salt, 7 parts sand. Now on walks i do use pure salt, to keep the mess out of the buildings, but this salt is bought in bags. Just don't try to spread sand with a single stage tailgate sander, i had a friend who tried it and it didn't work at all.<p>Geoff


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Stright salt is fine, and I think it is used more out in the west and midwest becuase it is more plentifull,mined reasonably close, and lower trucking/freight costs.<br>In the east we mix with sand so the salt goes farther.<br>We have treated our sand salt with a corn/mag chloride mix and that has dropped our app rates in half.<br>The same is true with salt, have it pretreated and your app rates will drop in half.<br>Cost is about 2 $ per gallon applied, and at the rate of 8 gal per ton. So that will add 16$ per ton of salt, but it will go twice as far.<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment


we use treated salt only,the salt is treated with magic-0 which lowers the working temp of salt to about-45 degrees. you will see more and more of this product in the future as it is now availble to contractors. when using this product you can save up to 50% in salt usage<p>----------<br>john parker<br>john parker

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