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Define Heavy Duty

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by JTChevy, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. JTChevy

    JTChevy Junior Member
    Messages: 15

    Hello all. Can/would someone please tell me what makes a HD a HD?. Does a 1500 have the same frame as a 3/4 or 1 ton. And R the axles on a 2500 the same as 3500. Any info would-be great.
    P.S. U guys and this site is the BEST.
  2. ChevyHD4X4

    ChevyHD4X4 Senior Member
    Messages: 108

    I found this on another site:

    (A 2500 or 2500LD frame, axles, springs, etc all have lesser capacity than an HD. Period, nada, end of story.

    2500/2500LD is a real 3/4 ton truck. 2500HD is a single rear wheel 1 ton.

    GM markets the HD as that and not a 3500 because most people associate a 1 ton truck with with a rubber floored, AM radio'd, bench seated work implement. With the market burgening with ford's F250 SD and Dodge's 2500 Heavy Duty GM had to get into the game and market an equally equipped truck without that work implement stigma, hence the name 2500HD.

    A lot of 2500/2500LD's. Primarily to fleets, utility companies, civil services (fire, ambulance, police), etc. The 2500HD is aimed more at the private sector than the 2500/2500LD which is why you don't see as many on the road.)

    hope it helps :)
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2003
  3. gslam88

    gslam88 Senior Member
    Messages: 168


    The hd is a 9200gvw truck and the non hd is a 8600gvw truck... as far as the rest of the truck differences... the axles and frame are pretty much the same, as I understand it the only difference is that of the spring for the additional 600lbs difference...

    now the 2500 to the 1500, yes again as I understand it there is a different frame and other drive line components.

    Just my .02 ...