Deere 3520 with N74-250HYB


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Excelsior, MN
I just wanted to post a video to let those interested in a smaller setup know that it can be done. There isn't much info out there on the small Normand Hybrid and the size of tractor it takes to run it. Before purchasing it, I spoke to an applications engineer at Normand who summed it up like this" The N74-250HYB was designed around the 300 series Deere tractors." I was concerned that my 30hp at the pto wouldn't be enough, or maybe the 1100# would be too much for the 3 pt hitch. I haven't had any issues with the hp or lift capability. I'm considering adding an accumulator in the near future to protect my lift arms. And yes, an accumulator can be added to a tractor with internal cylinders for the 3 pt hitch lift arms.


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Fur lined speedo?
It all starts with a base layer.....
Seriously though, guys' ride sleds in cold temps and high speeds and with the right gear getting cold isn't an issue. So an open cab tractor with the right gear isn't an issue, same goes for plowing with a ATV or open cab UTV.