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Western New York
#1 3am driving home sat morning, iced over roads, going about 50 I see a deer run across road, slam on breaks. Hit deer at about 40-45. Thank god I put my plow on to get the trailer out. Woulda did some serious damage.

I hit the deer right on the V hinge. Rear leg goes in between the deflectors the other hits the plow light. Luckaly the deflector helped in the rolling action and caused it to fly in the other lane just miss a cop and drop dead, broke its spine. Checked out my truck, no damage, just some blood & fir on the plow, had to readjust headlight and a small burn hole on the carpet behind the seat as my smoke flew outta the ashtray and hit the back window.

#2 Eventually continued on my way home going about 40 another deer jumps out in front of me this time it hit the edge of the plow, dropped and ran over its neck, Dead on side of road. only damage was more blood & fir on plow and some in wheel well...

Moral of the story: 2 Deer in one night. Thank god I had my plow on. Western makes some good MVP plows... I coulda taken it but didnt. I'm really lucky.


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winterset iowa
Man, sounds like you got really lucky.
I just fixed a deer hit last week on a mini van and it was a $3000.00 repair, all it was was a hood, fender, and A/C condenser. Wish we could get a few more of those as the lack of winter weather has really slowed the body buisness down in this part to the world.
Glad to hear you came out ok with your deer troubles,
Mark K


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west seneca,ny
good to hear you came out on top grass,where were you when you hit? Ive seen alot on the 400 had a few close calls but they just run away when they hear the cummins,Im just glad they run the other way.LOL.My BOSS would probably fall apart if i hit a deer anyway LOL,didnt have good luck with it, its coming off the truck.The western v seems like a better design with the trip edge and everything.So im going for that.But the dodge is still kickin a$$ so im stickin with the desiel.Love my dodge and cummins!!
HEY MIKE !....Tearing up that new truck huh?
I ran one over a few years back. Tore up
my front end and plow rig.....But loaded
it up...took it home skinned cut and frozen
in a matter of hours.....It was Superbowl
sunday too !
Been off line here in Hannibal 'puter smoked
out !
Got a foot of snow in Hannibal march 22.
Last plow of season I guess ! Got a couple
of inches in alex bay the other day too !

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