Deep snow removal

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  1. tpendagast

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    Well 90 minutes for 3 miles two feet deep isn’t exactly “slow”
    If you used a plow you might be faster the first couple times but as you mentioned berms/snow storage would play a pretty decent role later in the season...
  2. tpendagast

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    More than likely
    But does it have a cab/door with it?

    it’s miserable running a blower without the front door
  3. Mark Oomkes

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    873 with a blower-even a hi-flo blower-is not going to be faster than a dozer with 2 feet of snow.

    It's going to be slower than emptying a Western Striker...
  4. tpendagast

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    About 3 hours is what I figured

    How long is it taking with the dozer tho?
  5. Mark Oomkes

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    The OP said 3 hours.
  6. LapeerLandscape

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    Here's my 2 cents. Seeing you already have the JD 450 is to keep it and buy a 4X4 pickup with a blade (probably a Vee) Use the pickup 95% of the time for everything less than 2 feet and the dozer for that once a year or so time. The pickup could do all the detail work around the buildings and with a set of chains it could probably do some larger amounts on the roadway.
  7. Aerospace Eng

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    I think Lapeer's suggestion is the most practical.

    However, if you have the need for it, a larger telehandler would also work, and would be faster than a dozer or skidsteer. Something around 25K lb, with about 120-150 hp.
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  8. Thrifty Garage

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    How long of a push are we talking about? I don't see a snow blower (no matter how huge) being practical unless its throwing snow into a dump truck. Same thing with a plow truck on a 2' snow event. Making wind rows and/or using a snow blower will only compact the snow and make it more difficult to move. I'd look at a wheel loader with a pusher bucket. Should be faster than a dozer. If I understand correctly, we are talking about plowing a farm field? Sounds a bit odd. I would also be concerned about the ground not being frozen and getting stuck. Especially if a large snow event hits early in the year before sufficient frost depth has built up. The snow would act as an insulator and keep the ground from freezing.
  9. Mark Oomkes

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    I'm going to go out on a limb and say approximately 3 miles.

    Umm....the whole idea of a snowblower is to get rid of the snow the first time you're touching it...unless you're moving\removing piles.

    A push box for 3 miles? With 2' of snow?

    Pretty sure he isn't farming that many maple trees. Or plowing, planting and harvesting around them.

    Because it is odd...he isn't plowing 570 acres. If he were, a loader with a push box would still be impractical with 2' of snow.

    Who knew...
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    EDIT: Scratch my post... I missed that it was a 2006 4320. I was thinking it was a 70's 4320 ag tractor
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    Depends on the motor and if it has a Navistar sticker on it
  12. OP

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    Let me clarify it is a maple syrup operation with roads going throughout it.
  13. OP

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    We have about 20 inches right now and will get there Saturday to see how long it will take.
  14. EWSplow

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    I think most of us figured that out.
    So you want to keep it clear so you aren't trying to clear it all at once when the sap starts flowing?
    Any logging going on in the off season? If so, maybe something you can use there as well would work?
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  15. OP

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    No professional logging but we do occasionally cut downed maple and oak for firewood. The reason we need it open is for maintenance. We have to check on the lines every week or two to get trees that fell on them off. Also like you said we don’t want a ton of snow right before we tap.
  16. OP

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    Also we go there for vacation some weekends. Mostly because there is more than just a syrup operation. The operation only takes up mane 75 to 100 acres. The rest is all woods and a couple openings.
  17. m_ice

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    Sounds or few neighbors
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  18. JoeRagMan

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    Time to think outside the box, instead of moving the snow why not get a used SnoCat and drive on top of the snow?
  19. BUFF

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    Wardens grandpa uses a NH TV6070 with a HLA 10’ blade mounted to the loader to plow aboot 4miles of road on the place , plowing paths to feed oot hay on and plowing hay stack yards. Tires are wet and weighted and haven’t had a need for chains.
  20. leolkfrm

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