Dearborn Michagan is this true?

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    Guys does this really happen/work?

    Community News

    Dearborn residents reminded about city's snow plowing policy

    Saturday, 12.15.2007, 07:21pm

    DEARBORN — As the season of winter snow arrives, Dearborn residents are reminded about the details of the city's official snow plowing policy. The key fact to remember is that when the City determines that snowplowing is necessary, Dearborn's emergency warning sirens will be sounded. The siren noise is a distinctive alternating high and then low sound.
    Once the siren is sounded for snow plowing, all parked vehicles must be removed from city streets. Vehicles found parked on city streets are subject to ticketing and towing. Police will not issue warnings.
    Vehicles cannot be parked on the street until that street has been completely cleared of snow.
    A good rule to follow is that when you hear on the news that a heavy snowfall is expected, remove your parked vehicle from city streets.
    If the weather seems to indicate a heavy snowfall is on the way, and you want to know if snow plowing is going to take place, you can call the city's Snow Emergency Hotline at 943-2444. You can also check CDTV, the city's official government access cable television channel: channel 10 on WOW and channel 12 on Comcast. (Those channels are about to change. See story elsewhere on this page.)
    It is recommended that residents without driveways ask their neighbors for permission to use their driveways when snow plowing begins. If no driveway is available, residents are urged to park their cars in other appropriate areas, such as a nearby parking lot.
    When snow plowing is needed, cars in a driveway may be parked across the sidewalk without penalty. However, note that city ordinance requires property owners to shovel their sidewalks within 24 hours of a snow storm. Non-compliance can result in a ticket and a fine.
    Residents should remember that it is a violation of city ordinance to deposit snow in the street or other public right-of-way. Snow shoveled or blown off of your driveway or sidewalk should not be deposited in the street or other public right-of-way.
    Finally, residents should remember that they are required to keep any fire hydrants on their property clear of snow, to allow firefighters immediate access to them in the event of an emergency.
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    Yes that true they require resident who live in Dearborn clear snow off their driveway and sidewalk or they will ticket after 24 day not clear snow.

    For cars or trucks in road I never hear siren but most I see they leave some cars there then police put orange sticker.
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    This is true. They are probably the city that enforces this stuff the most out of any other city I have lived in. I lived in Dearborn for a couple of years and I actually saw a flat bed hauling away cars that were on the street. This was as the snow storm was starting and I was getting ready to go plow!!
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    I've never herd sirens. They usualy say something on the news that you should be out of the street. I have seen vehicles towed and ticketed. I have been told that in the Upper Peninsula they just plow the vehicles up onto the lawn.
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    in my town when and if it ever snows they prob haul bout 100 cars away every storm....mostly bcuz this huge devlepment has enuf parking for half its residents and the other half get screwed...:gunsfiring:
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    Hear in town where i live they have no parking in winter months from 2am to 6am for snow removal etc. But what do they do in Dearborn downtown if it snows during business hours at say like 12 noon on Wednesday. Is their parking off street for all employees and business owners?
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    Wish our city sounded sirens off when it snowed, it would save me from getting my butt out of bed at 2 and 4 am every morning to look out the window