De-icer shortages


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Though I'd start a new thread on this one. Many of us here in the Midwest can't find de-icer products on short notice anywhere due to the ice storm and near blizzard from last week. Some of the guys mentioned in another thread that de-icers were available in other parts of the country. Can we help each other out here and give some imput as to what types of de-icers are available in your area (including salt) and how much it's going for. Appreciate the help.

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I got a guy in Cleveland says he'll deliver bulk salt anywhere. Probably be $80 a ton by the time he gets it to DeMoines. Seems stiff, but if you can't get any - maybe???

Western Michigan

No problem getting bagged here, but the bulk is not possible to get except for existing customers. I was going to buy that V box last week, but could get no commitments for bulk, so I'm waiting.

Bagged prices:

sodium chloride- 80 lb., $4.64
(winter melt) 50 lb., $2.83

mag/sodium- 50 lb., $5.55
(glacier melt)

Magnesium chloride/monosodium phosphate/sodium chloride
50 lbs., $7.59

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Same problem here in Mid Michigan. Last week one of our suppliers went to Muskegon with several trucks to get salt and the State of Michigan had some in and bought it all out from under them. Our other supplier ran out Saturday but got a train load yesterday. Bag salt is around but there is not a lot of it.

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They aren't even delivering to their existing customers until they release more from the docks in Spring Lake. The municipalities have it locked up if there is a lot of snow that falls. They only release more as time goes by and they don't use it. Thanks to JAA we stocked up before the shortage really hit hard.

we are good in ohio, bulk or bagged available.....i drove through chicago a cuople of weeks ago and they had a BIG pile off the barge at a dock so i would assume you can get it in that area.....had to be tens of thousands of tons

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i don't know about bulk, but bagged melt stuff is backorder everywhere until the end of the week for most supplier.

need to be carefull to don't slip on a ice spot until we get the salt.


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For the guys in the Midwest, I've got the name of a place in Omaha that sells salt by the bag or pallet. They usually have up to 20 pallets at a time. If anybody wants to contact them, drop me an email.

Also, Cryotech in Ft. Madison, IA (SE Iowa) has plenty of de-icer products, but they're expensive!!!!

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