Day Dreaming of a New Truck

Discussion in 'Residential Snow Removal' started by 207, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. 207

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    I'm in the very early stages of possibly getting a new truck. I'm thinking of an 07' GMC Crew Cab.

    Would you go with a 7' 6" or an 8'? I'd probably go Fisher since that is what I'm used to.

    For those plowing with a 7' 6", do you hit the side of the truck when you are fully angled and trying to push up against a snow bank? With my current 10 year old truck and 8' plow I don't worrry too much about cosmetics. This would be a new truck though so I'd be more concerned.

    Any other input would be great.


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    I would go with an 8' just because it's still a manageable size and gives you an extra 6" to plow with. Never plowed with a 7'6" so I can't answer your question about hitting the side of the truck, but I can't imagine anyone doing that...sounds abusive! :eek:
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    My old 85 GMC Sierra had a 7'6" plow on it and I never had any issues with side clearance. My 00 Chevy Silverado has an 8' on it and I still have no issues. Its clearly a bigger plow, definintely heavier too and the newer truck doesn't carry it as well as the old 85 did with the 7'6"...but it does a great job. At a 6" width difference, fully angled you're only talking about a 3-3.5" difference in the width of the path you're clearing.

    In my case either plow would have worked just fine for me since I'm just doing my own driveway and the extra 6" of width doesn't really come into play...but I try to buy heavier duty equipment whenever I can as matter of course...I find it usually stands up to abose far better.
  4. OP

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    Thanks for the reply's guys. I was worried about how a new truck would carry the 8'. My 98 does it fine. When I went on the Fisher website and looked they recommended little Homesteader for the 2007 crew cab. Of course I could've entered something wrong on the website.

    I was concerned that if I was fully angled and up against a snow bank trying to push it back that I might be rubbing the side of the truck up against the snow bank. Sounds like it's a non-issue.

  5. robertbick

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    Hey 207. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm thinking of getting an 08 Chevy Silverado but not sure yet if I will get the 1500 or 2500. I only plow my own driveway and might do my in-laws when I get a real truck & plow.

    The past few years I had a Toyota Sequoia and have a Snowsport plow on it. It works ok for small amounts of snow, but anything over 6 inches, I have to use my walk behind blower.

    I plan to get a 7.5' plow with the new chevy cause I want to be able to fit it in the garage with the plow on. I havn't measure yet, but it should work (8ft doors & 26' deep garage).
  6. OP

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    Yeah, if I get a new truck I'll probably go with the 7' 6". I'm talking myself out of the new truck though. I can't stomach the thought of paying something crazy like $800+ to register it.
  7. JeffB

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    Hitting the side of the truck hasn't been a problem with a 7.5' fully angled on my F250. However, I did manage to clip a post with my drivers side mirror while cleaning up along a curb with the plow fully angled. Luckily the mirror flipped in with a loud whack and there was no damage, just a small scratch. After along night it was still pretty startling though.