Daniels truck backblades


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Is the pump in the main cross bar where the cylinder mounts?



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Limited Stats from the FB post:
Daniels Plow
The originator of the renowned Daniels Pull Plow, has introduced their all new expanding drag plow. This rugged and efficient plow was shown for the first time ever at our Williamsville, NY store today and was met with very positive and exciting comments.
Some of the phrases we heard today describing this plow were: beefy, rugged, strong, fast, powerful, and tough. All speak to the thought and commitment to quality that went into this product.
The plow, in the compact position, will clear a 90” swath for opening up narrow driveways or loading docks. With the push or a button the wings will open up to an impressive 16 foot clearing width!
Real efficiency comes into play when you kick one wing forward at a 45 degree angle and let the opposite wing fall back at 45 degrees. This position will clear over 13 feet with each pass as the leading edge of this blade grabs the snow and funnels it off of the trailing edge!
-Full use of the truck bed
-Tailgate can stay on the truck
-Full use of tailgate when plow is lowered
-Simple, easy mounting and dismounting
-Sturdy stand for when the plow is not attached to the truck
-Wings can be operated simultaneously or independently
-Each wing has 180° of travel
-Great down pressure
-Designed for all 3/4 and 1-ton single rear wheel pick-up trucks
Pricing on this unit is forthcoming.
Stop by
Bison Turf Equipment, Inc.
to be among the first to see this plow that is going to change the way you plow!


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Mark Oomkes

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Grand Rapids, MI
Looks like a lot of moving parts...lolololol

What the heck are the wing edges? Looks like conveyor belt material.

Does it pivot in this slot?


No "LiveEdge" type cutting edge?

Mark Oomkes

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Grand Rapids, MI
Guess I'm blind, I don't see how that Daniels plow resembles an Ebling..other than the wing cylinders being behind the moldboard.

Reading the comments...I can't believe they sent it out with conveyor belt "cutting edges". Put some UHMW on there. Rubber edges suck.


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west mi
True but in ways it does in similar aspests. Hitch does from what i see, lifting points, etc. Just interested how the turn of events happen, and this comes out... Just saying.

I agree with you on the rubber...
In ways its similar to the boss drag pro we have, but is what it is....
But in the end its just has to be reliable and move snow

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