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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by diggerman, Apr 24, 2001.

  1. diggerman

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    I just saw the first ad for the new Daniels box blade looks interesting,has individual triping edge sections. http://www.danielsplows.com
  2. snow

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    Protech sues Avalanche

    I just read an article about pro-tech sueing avalanche snowpushers over stealing the same idea. I guess avalanche sent a rep to the pro-tech plant to see their pushers, get a video and literature. then it said they copied their copyright infrigment. At the end of the article it said that they were also investigating other sno-pushers. I think all the others ones out there are in somewayu going to stop production, like avalanche since they violate pro-tech copyright. Daniels might be next who knows. Just wanted to say that.

  3. SLC1

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    I really like the metal trip edge design, The only thing I dont like about my Pro-Tech is that it doesnt scrape down to the pavement so I would definitly take a look at the Daniels, Looks like a good idea to me Just my two cents
  4. Chuck Smith

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    Where did you read that article Bryan? Just curious.

  5. snow

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    I read it in Hard Hat news.

  6. cat320

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    I saw it too in the hard hat news they also show a new gote led strob light that does not need a power supply in the last issue.
  7. snow

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    Cat320- AW Direct has been selling those ones for a while. I think they're the same ones the post office trucks use.
    here's the link to them:
    <a href="http://www.awdirect.com//catalog.cfm?dest=itempg&orderid=ID3041-184745-50094289&itemid=9717&secid=68&linkon=category&linkid=433">self contained strobes</a>