Dana 60 crossover steering advice needed


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I'm building a 1 ton with a Dana 60 from scratch. I have seen several acticles on installing a crossover steering system. My project will have a maximim of a 3" suspension lift. Since I have to buy the steering components anyway should I do a crossover system? Or will I be just as happy with the stock system with the minimal lift I will be using? The truck will not be used for any hard core 4-wheeling.


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With just a 3" lift, and no plans for hard 4 wheeling, I'd stick with the stock setup for one simple reason. Ease of maintenance. If you need a new ball joint, or drag link, or anything else, you know you can go to the local parts store and find one no problem. As another post close to this one has stated, if you have it all apart, you might as well reinforce the frame at the steering box as it can be a weak link. I have stock steering on my 1/2 ton that has about 2 or 3" of lift and haven't had any problems at all. More than 3" and be sure to look into a steering correction, such as a dropped pitman arm or block to compensate for the lift. Good luck.



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Yes, I'll second that - 1-ton components are plenty strong to begin with, and the ease of finding replacement parts when required is a big bonus. Keep the stock steering setup & I think you'll be happy - that's what I'm doing with the 1-ton 4x4 frame I'm putting together for my '75.

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