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Are there any differences between a front Dana 60 axle that would come off a 1 ton dually truck and a front Dana 60 that comes off a single wheel rear axle truck?

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Im not positve,but i would think they would be the same,as long as the truck they came from had the same front axle GVWR rating.Different ratings might mean different sized brakes,and calipers.The hub adapters might be different tooo,depending on spec#,and application(Ford,GM,or Dodge).Usually the 1 ton's have 4.10 or 4.56 gears,and 3/4 tons have 3.55/3.73 or 4.10 gears.


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Now, this applies to axles from Chev/GMC trucks: took a look just now at one of each (Dana 60 single wheel & dually front axles - a friend of mine is building a truck using the single wheel unit, mine will be a dually) and also checked a couple of parts catalogues.

Both axles are from the '80's (SRW '81, DRW '87) and externally they appear identical except for the hub/rotor assembly. According to a brake parts catalogue, same caliper & pads are used for both, while the rotor is different.

On the DRW unit, the wheel mounting surface is offset (much farther out than on the SRW axle) to allow the "Budd" style wheel to be used.

Don't know about the internals, but from the outside that appears to be the only difference - the parts catalogue for seals & bearings shows all K-30/35 series trucks from '77 to '87 with the same part # for front wheel seals & bearings.

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