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    So far this year -
    Was goignt o clear res. driveway at top of long street that wasnt plowed yet. Over a foot of snow on street. Got stuck at top when I stopped for a second to see where driveway entrance was. Started to back down to get running start and slid into mailbox. Broke my pass. side mirror. dented front fender and pass. door. pushed in rear bumper when it hit snowbank. Also broke side step cover off. Got stuck for 40 minutes. Est. $3500 damage. Homeowner was sitting in his car waiting to pull out and saw it all happen. Told me not to worry about mailbox since I had more damage.

    Same storm was pushing snow to pile at back of driveway and after hitting snowbank truck slid to left. very close to cars in driveway. As I am watching mirror to make sure I dont hit the brand new Honda PIlot as I am backing up, my plow scrapes the pass. side rear fender of owners 2008 Lexus. Put small dimple in rear bumper plastic and left some yellow paint on fender.

    About 5 days later during icestorm large 8"+ branch about 20 feet long comes crashing down on my truck. Dented roof, hood, driver fender, hit fiberglass cap cracking it, dents and dings all over truck. Another $5500 in damage.
    Brought truck to friend who owns body shop. I am getting an upgrade to heated mirrors, linux bed liner, all damage fixed and $4500 in my pocket.
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    Anyone else want to share
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    I knocked over a customers lawn marker this year. Slow down and use your mirrors.
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    If it's that bad that I can't get into the driveway, I'll clear a spot in the road in front of the driveway just to make it easier to work the property.

    Slow down, man.
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    Careful man.. Insurance companies are getting alot stricter. I got dropped from my previous insurance company because my PARKED truck got smashed into, hit and run. ($8500 my company was on the hook for because don't know who did it) 5 days later one of my guys slid into an S-10, knocked off grill and both head lights, "$2500" damage.. (first accident in 5 years, but only 2nd year with this company and 1st year with this particular type policy) and i got a notice last week saying i would be dropped at the end of my term next december.. Making claims on insurance is not a good thing..
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    And people laugh at me for driving mid to late 90's model trucks. if I had a week like the OP in a new truck I would quit.

    Only thing that has happened to me so far this year (knock on wood) was backing into a loading dock to push out a pile of snow, and lost traction. I slid sideways a little and just barley bumped the side of the concrete dock. No big deal about a 2 inch scrape on the side of the truck.
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    Linux is a computer operating system.

    Line X is a spray on bed liner.
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    Nobody should use a nice truck for plowing come on salt+ metal=RUST.
    Driving a 30K truck into the ground for the sake of a few Thousand doesn't make cents !!!

    Having an old truck for plowing is priceless. If you rip off mirror, bumper or broke tail lights most junk yards have stock piles of parts ..
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    I was going to respond to all the negative responses. but most of you arent worth my time.
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    I don't think anybody here was trying to be negative or laughing at your situation. It really does suck that you had all those incidents. No need to make it hostile. Believe me I've had plenty of close calls, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
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    we have all been there

    I finished up a forty hour run early this season and parked the old girl(04 ram 2500) in the driveway. Just got into bed when the wife was leaving for work. She backed my other truck right into the back corner of the goat. **** 4000 in damage!!

    I was lookin for an icon that cries but could not find one!!!
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    Had several near misses this season, usually sliding sideways - almost hit my other truck, customers car, etc. Did slide and get stuck- dropped front wheel off the edge of a wall (drive is a sheer drop at the end where I push the snow) - luckily a friend saw me driving by and stopped to pull me out. Only took 30 min- last time I did that was 8 years ago (as a rookie still) at 2AM and took 1.5 hours to get out. So far I split the base of both angle cylinders at the pin mount and had to replace them in the evening in a lull between storms. Been stuck 3 or 4 times, which is 3 or 4 times more than I usually do, and just ruptured the fuel return line on the engine last evening mid storm- no quick fix last night and no shops available to help today so had to plow that way- does wonders on your MPG when you're sending the return down the engine block. (diesel- no worries about fire or she would have been parked).

    I've had my years- transmission 2 years ago, oil pan last year. I already put SS hard brake lines and custom SS tranny lines in it this off season- but got way layed by delays at the shop that was doing the tranny lines for me. Cost me almost 4 months of down time.

    When I find myself sliding sideways or about to back into something I have to actively remind myself to slow down, mentally and physically and pay attention. Happens regularly- just missed backing into a garage today. Happens to all of us, and it sucks when it does. Tore up the whole pass side of my truck several years ago not watching while backing up- soft ground backed up the drive and went off the pavement into the mud- never felt the giant trash barrel or the tree until I heard the fender lip crunch. Insurance had the whole bed side replaced instead of repairing and the had to refinnish the whole side except the front fender. Almost $6500 in damages.
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    Plowing a field access road that hadn't been touched in a while, had the in-line filter pop off of my hydraulic line, dousing the passenger side manifold with ATF fluid. Saw smoke from under the hood, popped it to find a raging fire. Doused it with snow and my sweatshirt, melted all the vacuum lines, ground strap and some other things. Luckily I had a complete spare engine so i was able to swap everything over. Only a day of downtime and now that line is double hose-clamped.

    Other than that just a radiator hose that needed replacing.
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    First year plowing? Maybe second? Slow down and think
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    Old trucks break all the time too. I prefer 0-10 year old equipment. I have too many customers that rely on me for our services to drive old clunkers around hoping to save a buck if I bump something.
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    I used my GL insurance once 12 years ago on a small claim I could have written a check for. I was non-renewed the next year. I have not used it since. Insurance is for the big stuff IMO. Contractors insurance is more like "if you use it you lose it".
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    Wow slow down dude and think I had a bad year but c'mon I slid down a loading dock(backwards. Was not stoping it once it started) and wrecked my tail gate. And cracked my plow in half(faulty center pin all warranty) and tranny line leak (loose clamp)
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    Started off the year with a 800.00 tune-up for the old 6.2 lift pump - not bad. Then next storm went out with the hoe and lost all forward gears. Still had reverse so drove it back to the shop 5 miles backwards - awesome. Had it serviced at Cat, new solenoids tranny work etc... 4,300.
    Two storms later employee calls me 'I have two flats on rear driver's side of the binder. Of course it's Sunday - after hours service call and this lot is in bfn. Guy calls back - 'tire guy won't fix it cause the hub is cracked - need a tow' - again after hours call for a tow. Get it to shop they say whoever mounted tires put on wrong keepers and hub spun shearing off valve stem and cracked hub. Okay fix it. Well ya need two cause the ears are worn off the passenger side and gonna have to get them directly from the dealer cause aftermarket is gonna take 4-6 weeks! 2,100 bucks not including the down time and having to hire out somebody else to do the sanding.
    Next storm - 'Uh i need you to swing buy I kinda hit a car with the hoe' - Holy crap are you kidding me - Car came flying in around blind corner and operator t-boned her with snow-push - nobody hurt thank god. Bought a 2001 Taurus for 1,500.00 - lady signed some don`t sue me paperwork and she`s happy and I have a lawn ornamnet. Anybody wants the car let me know. Next Storm realize there is a small crack in arm of loader due to accident - 3 days at machine shop and 1,400 later good as new - now I got moths flying out of my wallet.
    Finally we are good for a couple shifts but the third is a charm. Show up to grab the binder and I got a hole in the tank and fuel on the ground - fantastic. Take it over to shop drain it (of course it's full - 80 gallons or so) and get the guys to fix it. Get a call - trucks done come get it. Pick it up on Friday afternoon just in time for next storm. Wake-up Saturday Morning to a small Lake of diesel on ground - You have got to be kidding me - I did contemplate firing up the old butane torch at this point. Two more welding-fab days later and 1,000 shes fixed, oh wait a minute the f`n thing keeps gettin an air lock and won`t run (it`s -30F out of course). 3 service calls, 1 day at the shop, numerous parts changed it`s finally figured out - 2,500.
    So far between break-downs, lost time and hiring out for down trucks we`re at about 16,000 or so. What are ya gonna do!
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    Wow sorry to hear I'm not the only one with bad luck this year.

    So first big snow fall on 12/26/10 I have a Bobcat and a plow truck I drive the Plow and one of my guys drives the Bobcat I pull up behind him yes I said behind him. i thought I left room for him to turn instead he came striaght back. I floored it but could not get out of the way. Back of Bocat hit me in the door. Now i have a nice dent on the door and just below the door on the body. Later that same day my rear window defroster starting acting up and I could not see out of the window so i opened it. I had to go back in my garage at work I drove in whemn i went to back up I cracked the window and the hardtop. after working like 30 hours your brain does not work as well. So I found a used hardtop and had to drive 7 hours to pick it up at $1300 as for the door I will wait until the season is over.
    Then last week I dive to the store and on the way back my truck is pulling hard right. I get out and can smell my brakes burning my caliper locked up. Did repair myself so not a big deal changed both calipers $60. It has been a crazy winter so far. lets see what february has to offer. Stay safe