Dainels Snow Pusher


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Does anyone have any knowledge of there products, I am looking into one of there tripedge snow pushers and I have never had any experience with any of there products. We are now running protech pushers and we are not all that happy about the way that they were scraping and the problems we had with the edges. I put the urethane edges on a that helped a little but If this new tripedge is any good then I am going to buy one in a few weeks. So any one that knows about them let me know, I already got prices on the 12' loader model, Thankyou for your help......

John Allin

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Get a close look at this before you buy one.
Those "trip springs" look awfully strong....
If it doesn't actually "trip", someone is going to need a 5 point harness to stop from being ejected through the front windshield.

I don't know this for a fact, but from what I hear through the grapevine, you may have a problem getting replacement parts for these in a year or so.....


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Jay give me a call, I have a line a new company making pushers, and they may be what you want.
Any pusher regardless of make, if an object is struck hard, will require a restraint system. To me having the bottom trip cant hurt.

Mark Oomkes

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John's right, I wish they would put trip-edges on a regular bucket. I cracked a windshield once because the curb wasn't where I thought it was.

I don't have any experience with their pushers, but we have had one of there wing plows for 3 years now. After we added a couple springs and they changed acouple things it has been a great plow. It should be even better this year with a urethane edge on it.