Daimond to Fisher MM(x) project...pics

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    im just seeing this for th first time. that plow looks great and i hope its working out well for you
  2. OP

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    Wow bringing this one back up from the dead. Yes the plow is doing great. Not one problem with this plow at all...knock on wood. All the plow people always take a second look at it wonder that it is not a Fisher but kinda looks like one, LOL.

    I did make another modification to it. I put a bigger CC/revolution pump in it. A lot faster now.
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  3. sweetk30

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    oh so you couldnt leave it alone working good n all. just had to make more power i see how it goes. modify it till it blows :laughing:
  4. stg454

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    Very Nicey done.
  5. KMBertog

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    looks great! what a awesome project to be able to do. my mechanical skills are nowhere even close to trying to do something like that, ha ha!
  6. Sabsan84

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    awesome plow build!! what did you use to paint the plow and what type of paint did you use, looks great, I have a new fisher, but want to put a nice new coat of paint on the front of the blade after the season for good measure. thx
  7. OP

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    See post #43 and you will have the answer you are looking for.
  8. BlackBirdWS.6

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    Wow, just read through the whole thread great job! Thumbs Up
  9. CSaley

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    nice work! best of luck with it
  10. Bones357

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    Pretty awesome!

    I am envious of your skills. I wish I could do things like that. I love figuring out how to solve problems in the manner you did. People who ask "Why?" just don't get it. It's just not something you can easily explain.Thumbs Up

    Definitely worth the necro-post!
  11. DareDog

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    any recent pics of it?
  12. joshg

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    just read this...awesome.
  13. OP

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    Not understanding your Boston avatar and you are from NY.

    Anyway. Here is a video. Also have more videos on my youtube page.

  14. sweetk30

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    but i didnt find the fissher yellow or find the part# from your can on the search. and i was going to use this for my 2 blades this year. :cry:
  15. OP

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    I know I noticed that too. Looks like they dropped the color. I did scrape this blade up last week. I peeled a piece of 3/8 flat bar that was on the ground. It was 8" wide and 20ft long. Well it almost stabbed a hole in the blade and scraped the paint. Time for a repaint this summer.
  16. 19 F250 in NH

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    I have read and looked at your project up to this point, I have my answer to my Fisher vs Diamond thread. I also understand your old school thinking too. I feel because I plowed back in that time and with better made plows I know where your coming from. Thanks