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Cutting edges

Discussion in 'Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher' started by mustangmike45, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. mustangmike45

    mustangmike45 Member
    Messages: 72

    I bought a new 10' LD Arctic plow this year and have used it 5 times so far... I used it to scrape up the hard pack in the drive lanes and this has caused the cutting edges to wear quickly. I know this is not what they were made for but gotta do what I gotta do:dizzy: My question is how much are the cutting edges and is there a good place to get them as our local dealer is not worth a crap! lol..

    thanks guys
  2. DEN54650

    DEN54650 Junior Member
    from 54650
    Messages: 18

    Cutting edge

    I used to get all my cutting edges make-up at a local steel supply company with grader blade steel, and also re-enforced the ends.


    DGODGR Senior Member
    from s/w co
    Messages: 641

    I would recommend a ground engagement specialist supplier. There are actually companies out there that specialize in cutting edges. Check with some local dirt contractors or the local county road maintenance yard (they go through lots of edges on those graders). A cutting edge supplier can make any edge as long as they have dimensions for height, width (or thicknesss), length and bolt spacing and diameter.
  4. pusherpro

    pusherpro Sponsor
    Messages: 85

    Mustang who is your local dealer and whats the problem you are having with them? Current cost on HD edges is $70.40 each and $67.20 for the LD.